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In the moments where I run 100 miles sitting down,
A mantra repeats itself in my mind, it stays with me a comforing thought
As my heart rumbles within my chest,
It is ok, It is ok, It is ok
Those words repeat in my hazing head,
But if someone asks how was my day?
Without a moment lost I reply: "It was ok"
A fatal flaw that I once discovered
Was in the way I read books,
Instead of beggining at the first sentence
I always red the last first.
But what soon became clear, is that like boiling water,
Everything I do will never boil if the end is the only thing I see
Maybe it was this then the fatal flaw.
The fatal flaw of always seeing the end before embracing the beggining.
It was maybe the right time and the right place

When all things are given, you never learn to find

So maybe if by waiting at the right time in the right place

I will see a star fall down from the heavens, its light showering me with the wisdom of a million years

Or maybe just Love.
When it came to love an idea was much better than reality.

When it came to hate blindness was much better than understanding.

When it came to guilt emptiness was much easier than healing.

And then the cigerette died and the sun set, it's time for leaving.
On the sight of first light, a choir of paradise sang to hail the morning star.
Oh! a beautiful a song that crescendos into the infinite skies, once I have heard those songs, hunger consumed my mind.
There I began the search for those birds of paradise, as I lingered in the moments passed.
Foolish desire it was, for when the birds of paradise left for home. There I was left in regret, for I had spent so long in their search, I forgot to listen to their morning song. And as their choir descended the stage, the crescendo still echoed in my mind.
It is easier to distance myself from you to exist only in my mind
My actions have never followed my words
So salt in water, I dissolve.
But even as In those moments, somwhere in ubiquity a piece will still hold on.
When all I do is dissolve, will I ever be whole?
Maybe in your jaded thoughts, it was ok to let go.
Your were first to give up, and you didn't let it be known.
How cruel and How selfish it is.
To wish a great long life upon those you leave alone.
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