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Thugger Mar 23
It is easier to distance myself from you to exist only in my mind
My actions have never followed my words
So salt in water, I dissolve.
But even as In those moments, somwhere in ubiquity a piece will still hold on.
When all I do is dissolve, will I ever be whole?
Thugger Mar 6
Maybe in your jaded thoughts, it was ok to let go.
Your were first to give up, and you didn't let it be known.
How cruel and How selfish it is.
To wish a great long life upon those you leave alone.
Thugger Feb 23
This Carvan I rode on bumby roads, lost wheels in the journey's length
Now riding on stilts I pull it, dragging the carcas behind in this shoddy night
I Heave under the strain of its weight, as a man selling wheels approaches me.
He pitches me wheels sturdy for my journey's end,
Wary I was of sweet words of my misfortune's end,  
To this journey's end, a cravan I drag into the infinite night.
Thugger Feb 18
On an empty street I once walked by a playground,
Abondened in the night by the morning's children,
In silence I can still hear the echoes of useless banter and spontaneous laughter.
Now dormant, redundant in the memory,
It woed and cried in the winter's chill,
This playground on an empty street couldnot forget the warmth of sun under the tarp of moonlight.
Thugger Feb 17
I found it odd that in the nothing there came a whisper of something.
Whispers that lit the lights to the rooms of nothing,
For you to fill.
Thugger Feb 16
I woke up today to find the duct tape running dry,
I had been using it non stop lately, too many things are broken.
The first time I really needed it, was when the canary smashed the window to fly out,
Yes, the canary was adamant, he really wanted to leave,
So one day as I opened the door to his cage, he flew out and with momemtum smashed the window and flew away,
He wasn't hurt, I think, but he left a **** hole in my window.
So A broke misérable like me just went to the store and bought a role of duct tape,
Then drew cross patterns of duct tape until I filled up the hole.
I cleaned the broken pieces of glass and looked at my work with a feeling of satisfaction.
Then, as if antcipating the arrival of duct tape, **** started breaking one by one.
My sink started leaking, so I duct taped.
My radio antenna broke, yes i own a Radio, so I duct taped.
Before realising it I had a house filled with duct taped half broken things.  Though a strange thing started to happen,
The more I duct taped around the house, at night before I shut my eyes,
I would Imagine duct taping things, little cracks in the night.
And then I realised, that there were  no leaks, no holes and no cracks.
In fact, the only thing that had existed was a canary and duct tape.
A canary that had broken a window.
The canary flew into the heavens free of all things earthly.
Then left me with a broken window and a sense of guilt at the extent it went to leave.
So I bought a role of duct tape that is now running dry,
Maybe, thinking of this canary, Ill go and buy another.
Duct Tape
Thugger Feb 14
My body aganist yours, I touched all of you in delight,
Rhythms in the intoxication moved my body,
I felt you as I kissed your neck and you buried your back into me
The rush made my heart flutter in beats of irregularty,
Again, I kissed your neck and you looked at me,
I stared into your colorless eyes before losing to the attraction of your lips,
Emotions consumed my heart as my blank mind rested in a moment away from the shoveling mob,
But moments they only last their meaning
Your friends, they said something to you and you left
I stood there in the strobing light until my friends dragged me away,
We walked out and in the shining street light,
To my West, there you stood with concern in your eyes,
My destination changed as you looked at me,
But my steps betrayed my compass.
In these moments, I remember.
In these moments: What Is Your Name?
In Time.
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