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Ek Apr 12
neon pink across my face
the blurry blacks of dance
a prize of beauty to be blessed

on the dancefloor acting
a girl's not just a girl
she's the light of the night

and tuneless swayings
swell of mightiest feelings
a dance is hers to be given
Ek Apr 10
Did she emerge from the
foam of the crystal ocean
baring skin of apricots and lust?
enveloped in peach silk waves from her
breast unto her hip?
gracing wafts of wrist to
tunes of siren’s harps on the mountains?
picking eyes of men like berries from bushes?


The maiden did not stall the stage
to occupy the audience.

She did form herself out of the
wreck she had lived in.
the hardest of smiles carried in her eyes
to reassure her mind.
danced amongst flowers of healing that
whispered the secrets of being.
planted fresh air and blankets to
all that she loved for.
Ek Apr 10
Twas blue, it seemed
My life would be
In routine peace
And tranquil teal

Yellow I find
A most wanted mind
Bathing in life
Golden through time

Green is the mass
Of all I can ask
The way to bypass
The grass of the lax
Ek Apr 10
I am an expert at crushes;

From the age of when I could walk
To the latest of my blinks
I have had a crush

I admire from afar
If they approach me
I melt

Once a guy liked me back
And I was ecstatic
But it ended in storms

See, I couldn’t reciprocate
Even if my heart
Wanted to

I’m scared I cannot love
Or haven’t love to give
I’m scared I cannot voice
My loveliest feelings
Ek Apr 10
On the fourth day of April
You broke my heart

I remember the sun setting
Behind your back
When you walked towards me

And the moon above
Your head
When you left

I think it rained at
Just as I closed the door

The stars of April
Shone into my heart
But left bullet holes
Ek Apr 10
Today someone said the word
And it brought me back to a distinct
Neither bitter nor sour, but
Like the cookies, you baked.

Every time I visited I wanted to
Bake the neatest of cookies and
Afterwards in the playground by your now
Old home
You no longer live there but I remember

Every childhood beath I drew
In that home, nesting in the door
Measuring my height and the brick wall where we used to
During those summer nights
Ek Apr 10
Once I walked the road of nature
Where the scent of outdoor
Came vibrantly close to
The beginning of spring
And the black bunny danced
With the grassland fairies
In the pouring rain

Now I walk the road of nothing
Trapped in boxes of artificial lighting
Seeking desperately for the next thrill
Until the beating punches of midnight
Knocks my eyes out dry
And I awake the next day
To a cacophony of robotic alarms

Tomorrow I wish to see the sun again
To feel the heat on my arms again
To stand on the tickling grass again
To finally go back to nature again
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