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Tommy W Dec 2016
Whipped Cream
By, Tommy Weber

Light and puffy
Soft and fluffy
It goes on strawberries
And pie
You know you love it
Do not lie
Take a whiff
I guarantee
You’ll smell a fine dessert just for thee
Cold and whipped
Soft and creamy
How do they make it so dreamy?
Savory and sweet
Gleaming and white
What a tasty delight!
With a hiss and a swish
The can shoots whipped cream
With a soft squeal
I begin my meal

Do not criticize
You know you’d do it too
When a delicious dessert
Comes your way
How could you sit back and say “Nay”?
Tommy W Dec 2016
Claire And Her Bear
By, Tommy W.

Her name is Claire
She has a pet bear

With clothes of soft silk
She drinks a lot of milk

Her skin is white
And she’s afraid of light

Do not fear
Those rumors you hear

She does not bite
While standing in moonlight

But if I were you
I’d avoid her like the flu

I went on a walk
Around the block

Suddenly I hid behind a tree
When I heard a man plea

Claire stood over her victim
Then she kicked him

I caught the glint in her eye
She wanted him to die

I stepped back in fear
A branch snapped then she knew I was near

I felt breathing down my neck
I looked behind to check
There stood her bear
It dragged me to it’s lair

(Short pause)

Like I said
Avoid her or be dead
Tommy W Dec 2016
The Boy and The Band
By, Tommy W.

There was a boy
That loved his toy
He sat on a bench
And watched his dad work with a wrench
His mom came out
Lemonade in hand
“Oh look! There’s a band!”

With their heads held high
And drums gleaming bright
It was quite a sight
They marched on the street
Marching to the beat
Hundreds of feet marched on
But none of them touched the lawn
The boy looked at the band
Then at his hand
He picked up two sticks
And toy drum too

The boy ran towards the band
And marched along
Banging his drum
And singing a song
Weird as it was, the band seemed delighted
First it was one
That joined the song
Next thing you knew, the whole band was too!

The mother laughed
The father smiled wide
As the boy marched on the side

The band moved on
The boy ran back
With a grin on his face
As if he’d just won a race

In one fell swoop
They had a group hug
Then went back inside


“Now that is the story”
“Of the boy and the band”
An old man explained, as he held their hands
His grandchildren looked at him
With curiosity and big eyes
And that was the last thing he saw
Before he closed his eyes..'
..And gave a final sigh
Tommy W Nov 2016
Blood Red *******
By, Tommy W.

Man is there
In the night
Sitting and waiting to fight

No good thoughts
Or good times
Just making a plan for the next big crime

Dark and evil
Not very nice
They act as if you’re head lice

You have been found
You hear a bullet **** by
Prepare to die

For your friends and for your family
Now they have come for you
Just because you’re a Jew

The world is unfair
These men are full of disdain
You’ve seen them beat children with a cane

So many taken
Full of hatred and sorrow
You know there will be no tomorrow

The men are closing in
You close your eyes
And think about their network of spies

Why haven’t they been stopped?
Is the world that uncaring?
I see their eyes staring

Their ignorance is killing us
As they watch their television
Full of indecision

By the time help arrived
It was too late
All of us Jews had met our fate

Countries watched from afar
With fear of standing out
Consumed with self doubt

Once they realized what they had done
They could wait no more
The allied powers went to war

Millions killed
The second world war
Blood and gore

The world remembers
The pain and death
Of how many will not take another breath

Yet history repeats itself
More wars are fought
Bodies in the fields rot

Are we naturally good?

(Short pause)

I guess not.
For those of you that are going to tell me there was no television during that time period, it depends on the year of the war you're looking at. Televisions were created in the 40s apparently if I remember correctly. Also, I wasn't aware of this when I made the poem.

When I started writing this poem I originally planned a short maybe funny poem about something. It's interesting to see how poems can swing off to something you never expected. I really like how it turned out and I will be reading it to my group in my Creative Writing class.

Let me know what you guys think!
For those of you who haven't read my poems lately, yes they do revolve around death it seems. I'm not sure why that is.
Tommy W Oct 2016
As I lie
Waiting to die
All I can do is cry

I sigh
Then look up very high
Into the sky
Oh, what would it be like to fly?
Or become a spy?

I was always quiet and shy
In Junior High

I wore an old school colored tie
On the fourth of July

As a kid I learned to Multiply
And even simplify

The blood on my thigh
Has begun to dry
I see a light

I see a light
Even though it’s night
Then close my eyes tight

I think back to the strife
When my wife
Took a knife
And ended my life
Tommy W Sep 2016
I know. I did lie.
I didn’t want to see her cry
But I don't deserve to die!
Please! I don't want to fly!
Off this building up so high

She says goodbye
Then pushes me off with one final sigh
I try to yell "Why?"
But my mouth is too dry

I didn't mean to be the bad guy
All I did was comply
And try to get by
Until the day of the drive by

All I saw was a black tie
I felt as if I watched it from a bird's eye
watching the bullets fly by
Instinct took over and I hid behind a good guy
He was only in Junior high
Then died that day
on the fourth of July

I will not try to justify
My actions as I hid behind the guy
Now his sister has cried
And said goodbye
I know
It is my turn to die
This is not my best poem. I recognize it doesn't sound amazing for parts and I used "by" too much. I shouldn't have tried to rhyme every last word's line.
I wrote it anyways because I couldn't get it out of my head and wanted to write it down, or in this case, type.
I use HelloPoetry to store most of my poems which is why it's on here. I still like how it turned out, enough to keep it anyways.
And yes.. For those of you who have read my poems lately.. I try to make them happy then they end in death.. Not sure why that is. Maybe it's just easier to come up with poems related to death.
This poem is meant to be just for fun. It's not meant to have any deep meaning behind it.
Tommy W Sep 2016
A forest of green
Bamboo stalks surround us
With long thin leaves
Before they were taken by thieves

Tasty bamboo
Growing out askew
The sky is blue
It’s a wonderful view

(Short pause)

A panda has the flu
As I look in the distance
I see the end of their existence
Humans and machines
Destroying their land by any means
Their Bamboo has been taken
And replaced with smoke

This is no joke
No humans spoke
Until they finally awoke
To see the pandas are dying
In what was once their land
All by our hand

Not quite what we had planned
Maybe we should’ve thought of this beforehand
In my Creative Writing class we are supposed to describe a mind of someone, real or fake, as if it were a place. I think I did that, and added on a little bit.
Anyways I really liked how it turned out. Hope you guys do too!

Also, if you read through my poems lately they're meant to be happy then result in death. Jeez my mind must be very dark haha. I wonder what it'd be like to write a poem about my own head as a place.
Tommy W Sep 2016
Clean fresh bottles
Forgetting Clothing
Quiet fire
Stealing fame
Juggling ducks
Chosen snails
Grounded coffee
Tattered library
Dangerous love
Innocent letters
In my Creative Writing class we learned about making a "Found Poem". This was the end result. Not normally what I write but I still like how it turned out.
Posted 9/22/2016
Tommy W Sep 2016
A small child explored a rocky beach
As he ate a peach
His foot slipped and he fell
Then he found a sea shell
It was tiny
And shiny
He put it in his pocket
Then remembered, in his pocket was a locket
Of his sister whom had died
All because he had lied
He remembered the day
They were at the bay
He had told his sister the ocean was calm
As she looked at her palm
“I don’t know how to swim”
She told him
He convinced her it was okay
As he watched the ocean spray
She frowned
Then went into the ocean and drowned
I've noticed that my poems seem to revolve around death lately.. Even if I have the intention of making a happy or funny poem.. Oh well, I still like how they turn out. Let me know what you guys think of it!
Posted 9/22/2016
Tommy W Sep 2016
The man saw a deer
It had two ears on it’s head
He drank his beer
Suddenly it was dead
The man felt delight
There was quite a flood
The fur of the deer was white
But soaked in blood
A woman emerged from the trees
The woman walked over the hill
She got on her knees
To inspect the ****
She had finished her fun
And lay down her gun
Just a fun little poem to read. Hope you guys liked it.
I tried making a Sonnet, not sure if I did it correctly, but I think I did.
Posted 9/22/2016
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