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Anastasia Feb 5
"pinky promise"
they both said
fingers interlocking
"i'll love you forever"
two young kids
with starry eyes
holding each other
scared of dark
brave with each other
"don't let go"
words whispered
fingers interlocked
Bede Sep 2019
You let me live for you
And this is what I'll do
The pinkies man, I ******* loved it. I promise. Forever and always.
DancingEntWrites Feb 2018
Of forever love are my
Favorite night cap
A haiku from work thoughts today.
Pinky Quinones Apr 2016
You came across my mind a hundred times today. Is that good thing? Tell me it's not. I don't want a relapse.
Pinky Quinones Apr 2016
Does it ever cross your mind? The thought of losing me, I mean. Does it sting like fire ants? Painful but not serious.

I don't know when or how the butterflies in my stomach turned to wasps, stinging the muscles, making it sore and burn but I swear at one point, we were the most beautiful human chromosomes paired....

or was it always an option? Leaving me, I mean.
Pinky Quinones Mar 2016
Trying to soak you up
forever ingrained in my brain.
Perhaps only for a moment,
But a permanent route.
Distracted as I graze
your solar eclipse eyes,
I'd stare into the sun
to feel that way again.
my00raaah Feb 2016
Your parted lips whispered, "Hello".
Our first day, do you remember?

Years and years, long ago.
Years and years, we're still together.

Pinky promise me, you'll never forget,
how I try my best to fight your monsters.

Pinky promise me, you'll never be upset.
Show the others that you are stronger.

One day, years and years later.
Do you recall?

I was a failure,
and I let you fall.

Pinky promise me, you'll forgive me.
This monster was too strong for me.

As your golden locks turned gray.
Today, here you lay.

As you took your last sigh.
Your parted lips whispered, "Goodbye."
Kate Ballalatak Jan 2016
I swear this is the last thing I'll write to you:
You were my first love, the best "first love"
I could have ever been given. For that, I thank you.
I swear this is the last time I'll write your name;
but I've actually never written your name, not in poetry anyways,
so instead,
I will never speak your name again.
I say this every morning
and every night I count the times I messed up.
This is getting long, but I swear I will never check my snapchat to see if you've seen my siblings on my story.
Or my instagram, to see if you saw that pretty dress I wore one day.
Okay, one last thing - I swear I don't really
care but please don't throw away that picture of me. Keep it around.  And that letter I gave you on your birthday -
Keep it. Put it away.
Don't throw away that picture of me; it's my favorite.
Pinky Quinones Oct 2015
In another universe, only the two of us can fly 500 ft above the ground and under an old Amaranth tree is where we first said, "I love you"

We learned to drive together.  We spent time driving to see each other even just for one night. We never minded the radio station static.

My parents were not strict. I stayed all night at the bar, took cheap shots of brandy. You held my hand like it'll be the last.

In this universe, you never got tired of me.  You loved me the whole time.

We never cursed each other that one night. It only took a minute to realize that it was stupid. We never forgot we loved each other.

Here, you never lied to me. You never kissed that girl. Neither of us knew what tears tasted like.

In this universe, darling, we stayed.
I hope things get better for you.
Pinky Quinones Sep 2015
You are sun and I am moon.
I'll let you shine throughout the day,
But let me glimmer at night.
And on rare occasions,
let us align
and the world will
stare in awe of our eclipse.
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