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Sep 2016
A small child explored a rocky beach
As he ate a peach
His foot slipped and he fell
Then he found a sea shell
It was tiny
And shiny
He put it in his pocket
Then remembered, in his pocket was a locket
Of his sister whom had died
All because he had lied
He remembered the day
They were at the bay
He had told his sister the ocean was calm
As she looked at her palm
β€œI don’t know how to swim”
She told him
He convinced her it was okay
As he watched the ocean spray
She frowned
Then went into the ocean and drowned
I've noticed that my poems seem to revolve around death lately.. Even if I have the intention of making a happy or funny poem.. Oh well, I still like how they turn out. Let me know what you guys think of it!
Posted 9/22/2016
Written by
Tommy W  U.S.
   Doug Potter
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