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Amelia Aug 3
Tears falling from the eyes
Heavy sigh that comes from the mouth
Eyebrows trying to meet each other
Nose shining through the redness
I remind myself,
It's a beautiful phase
Amelia Jul 1
Defeat  your future self.
Respond rather than react.
Take it one step at a time.
Aim for zero pending,
or just be present, show up,
especially for yourself!
You will make it happen.
This is my daily reminder for myself
An affirmation in away
Promise of July
I got this.
stone the bear Jan 2019
the unfamiliar caterpillar
woke to the day
but it was all new
nothing the same way.

why would he stay?
when his body was sore
he woke up on new years
and his fears no longer bore

with his shed of a past life
everything is strife.
but with wings,
every little thing
gleams and feels


right then left then right again.
there you are, my friend.
Happy new year.

-Jac + mac
Thank you, Jac.
J Aug 2016
The last time they fought
he told her that her ego ran her life
maybe he was right.

Was her mind too much
and that is why she hides
it away in a cage so no one else can
but still she craves the light so
she spends her time looking good in every one
forgetting to nourish her mind.

That is not the girl I know
faux passions
dragging out interactions for the sake of a boost
who knew she could turn out like this?
That is not the girl I know,
it is the girl he said she was,
and that is not the girl I loved.
I want her back, please.

— The End —