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Crandall Branch Feb 2018
To EVeryone that says they're just trying to be n9ce

To everyone that says they are just trying to give me construtive criticism

TO Everyone that says that I WILL NEVER GO PLACES
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Roisin Jun 2017
pride was her weakness
but then pride caught fire
now her pride is burned

pride was her weakness
but then pride grew tired
now her pride is yearned

pride was a relic of her insanity
her pride, her vanity
hit with reality
she is no longer proud.
Pride - a deadly sin.
chloé Jun 2017
It's just so ******* hard to live without loving yourself nah ?
Is when your thoughts suffocate you with panic,
When your stomache flutters with worry.
You feel nauseated with the waves, and waves of panic which you can't escape,
Stress and Anxiety claws and screams at you, your brain, begging for release, and the worst part,
The worst part is you don't tell anybody, you just pull a hesitant smile and say the line you've had to repeat most you life,
"I'm fine."
I could say that I wrote this poem
But that would be a lie
The truth is it wrote it's self
With its lines
Of words that rhyme
To good to be mine
They flow and flow
One right after another
Do they rhyme?
Kayden Fittini Mar 2015
I stuck to my vows, but your morals died.
The story is deep, but I'm far from demoralized.
Who am I? Who are you?
Can you look inside.
You broke everything that you took of mine.
The realization captures a eureka moment.
Aspiring to conquer those arguments, like those Ancient Romans.
I should have never tried to drink your potions.
Your very agenda should be beneath the oceans.
Let's go back to the start, was she in my dreams.
Nightmares projecting larger than those silver screens.
As furious as she was she couldn't get her way.
Two steps ahead no..sweetie not today.
There was a time where I could have loved you more.
But your actions have helped me understand the score.
Fast forward me now, to help me open that door.
To help open that door.
DJDG Apr 2014
Head shots like mug shot
Professing to the world their
desires to be seen like
gay barbie dolls

Green dots, I reply:
A collection of blue highlighted
of empty responses,
validating my

When I decided to accept
that I was gay and
cause a queer whirlwind into
the calm atmosphere that is my
I expected life to become easier

But as I venture into the world of
green dots and barbie selfies
I am reminded that
is not what stirred up
my hurricane of

It's all just me.

— The End —