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wish she knew May 19
My love be it in flames,
drives me steadfast as I take it by the reigns,
my love is like no other,

find me near the river,
find me near the Brooke,
find me near a creek,

I shall always be the same
this untamed and undying love
love  union man and woman    togetherness
ayam Jan 2018
I've got this itch to draw
To scribble
To streak my emotions using graphite
I've got this itch to draw
But my hand is stiff
My fingers are locked
But the itch grows
I want to draw
To scribble
To streak my emotions using graphite

That's when poetry comes
When fingers are dismissed
When pictures become virtual
When the mind lives
And the heart loves
When the thoughts and feelings dance
And  kiss
When imagination flees
And limits shatter
And I breathe
When poetry comes
Just Melz Mar 2016
She lost her mind caught in a web of lies laced with deceit
Tangled in knots made of suicidal thoughts left on the concrete

She lost her heart in the aftermath of an unrequited love
With more passion and pain than she could ever have dreamed of

She lost her soul to a man she didn't know and can never get it back
Crying inside and constantly on the verge of an anxiety attack

She lost her faith in life with so little to show for all that she'd done
Burning all the bridges she'd carefully built, fading away from everyone
Styles Oct 2014
Listen to your desire,
hear it as clearly as I do.
It touched my heart,
and feelings bled through.
Sharing this love,
A reflection of me and you.
Senses aren't always right,
Nor love, always true.
Cause reason, and emotion often confuse
What our hearts intent, instructs us to do;
My need is to love you...
My want is to be loved too.
Preferably; by you.
Right now; these dreams will do.
Amiss the actual,
I wish, this one wish
Would become two.

— The End —