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Ilya Krivonosov Mar 2019
The hour will return,
Bad things will disappear over the threshold.
Tobacco smoke curls warmer
And more melodic punk rock.

The natives wear sneakers,
Indians make tea.
Democratic mopeds
Mass-stamped China.

He laughs and cries,
It is a parody of singers.
All itching to **** him,
Tease other people's fathers.
Keiya Tasire Dec 2018
Evergreen trees & cranberries
Pine cones soaked in cinnamon oil
Candle holders for the beautiful Christmas candles.
Time to decorate with all the fresh trimmings.
Now where are the push pins and tacks?

They say there are only two reasons to forget:
1) I am in love, or it is 2) Senility.
I pray it is Love!
Sam Sep 2016
Sitting on the shelf,
collecting dust.
Used as decorations,
rather than their actual purpose.
To be read is what they desire,
yet that is something they shall never acquire.
So they sit, as life goes by,
being forced to comply.
Their wish may not be granted,
and it is the wish of others they follow.
If their's isn't, someone else's should be right?
So, as decorations they sit,
hoping someday, their wish will be granted,
and they will benefit, once more.
Brent Kincaid Dec 2015

Do you remember back when
Christmas was making things
Out of stiff colored paper
Like chains of slim paper rings
That were so long we took them
And wrapped the a few times
Around the tree as pretty trim?

We made angels and snowflakes
From something called shirt boards;
Cutouts covered with aluminum foil.
They didn’t need extension cords.
And Mom showed us how to starch
String we dyed. We wrapped it
Around some inflated balloons.
When each dried, we popped it.

We made reindeers and Santas
Our of wooden clothespins
With pipe cleaner antlers or
Cotton beards for Santa’s chin.
Mom dyed an old sheet green
For under the Christmas tree.
Prettier than the store-bought kind
It has always seemed to me.

In school we made Gifts too
Things knitted or made of clay
To give to Mom wrapped up
With great pride on Christmas Day.
And that wrapping paper was
Was all Christmas color tissue.
It was inexpensive to buy, so
Using a lot was not an issue.

Some gifts were appreciated
Some maybe not as much
But in every case, we were
For the most part very touched.
You knew for sure just by looking
What care and love went into
The handmade presents that were
Made totally and especially for you.

Brent Kincaid

— The End —