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gothic mistress May 2012
the ghosts are tip toeing

through my memories

restless and at play

scattering a dusty pile

of half hidden thoughts

to one side

delving further


into twilight years

gone by

throwing caution to the wind

pandoras box is opened

copyright gothic mistress/razorbladekiss 2012
You and I were meant to be
We were the stars shinning brightest in the nights sky
We were the light in each others eyes keeping darkness away
We were each others hope when there wasn't hope anymore.
We were destined to be together
We were faiths favourite
Where did we go wrong ?
Where did I go wrong ?
We've reached our end
Our ******
Our not so happy ending
Because where we are now there is no going back
My heart is dead and yours belongs to another
For a time I believed in love I believed in a life with you at my side now I only see my side
For a time I was warm in the winter now I live with the cold
For a time I felt the future was bright and now ...
And now I don't know , I promised , I lied , I cheated , you cried , you promised , you lied , you cheated I cried
Same story different meanings , different lies I never cheated I never lied I promised but I can't cry
You broke what ever love was left in my heart , you took whatever light I held in the dark , you opened pandoras box in my soul and whatever darkness was in there consumed me whole and when it was done you ate my hope the last bit left in the depth of my pandoras box.
Brooklyn Brooks Feb 2015
Together we are alone
the wishers utter was always unheard

the Art of my consort is like ash in the wind 
this purified drift of the eternal fire burning for all eternity

Timid little shell as fragile as the pearl inside
Impurities imparted and manifested into a gem

Let me see the diamond 
the diamond in your mind
I ve been mining with a keen intent
to break down the barriers only to be surrounded by the remains

Im intrigued by lustered reflections of light in these rays of waves in this passing haze of the delicacy protected by your shell

Pandoras box and eves delight
only gives me a peek of that iridescent insight
Such an elusive emblem of the coveted representative Aphrodite

Awakened by impending doom
Cross the threshold of a Careless bloom
you turn to me to turn away
that I see
the Diamond is your mental mineral.
we must first be secure with ourselves to relate properly to each other.
we are all so fragile yet so enlightened when our greatest weakness becomes our greatest strength.
lowercasemmmmmm Dec 2014
some words
they fly from lips ablaze with rage,
some come
gift wrapped slaps of artistic knuckles,
some taunt
steel bladed stabs and twisting hearts,
some shine
brightly and cause a wave of warm chuckles

some cough
the drip of disdain and disappointment,
some catch
the stars for others to use at night,
some eat
the souls of all they encounter,
some believe
they're all that matters and so never try,
Micheal Wolf Mar 2013
Pandora lived within her box
Listening to the noise outside
Every time she sneaked a peek
You guessed it, another freak
So she held the lid down very tight
Slept alone every night
Her friends would share a laugh and joke
Thou Pandora had no hopes of love
When one day whilst out the box
She wiggled her toosh and didn't know
Her toosh was seen to wiggle past
A quite delightful site in fact
Off she popped and closed the lid
Nothing more was ever said
One day a stranger, a curious type
Thought the lid was far to tight
He opened it up to peek inside
Pandora startled with surprise!
Hot and bothered red in fact
That he had dared to even try
The cold that she had made her world
Was melting and she was quite perturbed
So once again she closed the lid
Warm inside she couldn't think
A tingle here a giggle there
Pandora now was really scared
Now Pandora isn't locked away
She just made the choice to be that way
With good reason to with all the freaks!
The choice is hers to stay or leave
We all know about boxes
Rose Phantomhive May 2015
Sometimes I wonder
about poor Pandora
who opened that box
that wretched box
hiding so much
the sun wasn't so bright
the days grew long
as human emotions
echoed with lies
her temptation
cost us all.
karin naude Mar 2013
peoples mouth's open and close
i see there lips moving and expressions on the face
I don't hear anything?
blah blah blah never real words
no, i am not deaf
sounds fill space but nothing worthwhile connects
wireless communication. instant messaging. one button dial
things are loved people are purposely overlooked and used
money wasted on motivational speaking
hours convincing the self: "i am right they need a lesson"
make believe bandages running with harness

love exchanged for Pandoras box
if I only knew then what I knew now, would have chosen....
wishes are well intended feathers on the wind
God catches them at the end of the world
he reads them with water filled eyes
original sin we all followed loud and proud
foolish Independence
we all assume to want the same, mostly love, how come?
we give up in a whimper, lack of endurance?
how colder the storm greater the harvest - grandpa

a soul desperate for salvation and peace
yet, motivated to strive
follow the curve in the walls,
feel it, listen ,it speaks
breath breath breath
you will touch light eventually or die trying
Jack Thompson  Jun 2015
Mr Grey
Jack Thompson Jun 2015
Tailored love of indescribable passion.
"Mr grey, my type of love is now in fashion."
You've got this amazing **** that only desires my palm.
Red hand prints.
Excitement that doesn't entirely harm.
Delicate and fine a thong that yearns for my teeth.
Removed and discarded.
After Christmas like that wreath.
******* that only imagine the warmth of hands.
Running all over you.
Following each and all my demands.
Lips supple only to the press of my own.
The way you sound.
Lust you've never known.
Hips that don't exist without the pressure of mine.
Careful what you ask for.
In Pandoras box you might find.

Kisses are like a dance one must lead.
Back and forth battle for more.
I'm dominating its what you need.
I'll certainly put you in your place.
Take head you have no power.
Your place is under me with all that grace.
On top of me so I can see that face.
Where ever I want.
Pulling your hair if it pleases me just an inch more.
What pleases me pleases you.
Of that im sure.
Just to make you feel ***** and alive again.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Ciara Sarah Jul 2013
We stayed up all night talking,
in an ethereal haze.
How long ago now?
Two summers,
I think.

How the time passed,
As I sat hidden,
Underneath my bed sheets
So no one could find me,
Talking to you.
You were my little secret.

We stayed up all night talking,
And you told me
Bits and pieces of your life
That you probably told everyone
But they meant something to me.

Tales of woe, of love, of life and passion
Wilted between the keys
Of our cellular devices.
Words exchanged in the dead of night,
That we could pretend didn't mean anything
come the morning.

We stayed up all night talking,
yes, two summers ago,
And had I known back then
What I know now,
I would have locked my heart in pandoras box,
And thrown away the key.

I would never have let myself fall in love with you.
Rhianecdote Nov 2014
But you're nothing more than an insomniac, focused entirely on the things you lack. You muse you dream but in the end you slack and you have no one but yourself to thank for that.
The sun beckons but you ignore its calls, deafened by your worries and the doubt that stalls, all you want to do and what you hope to be, the hope that lifts you up momentarily, before the clouds impair your sight and the sun now too close appears to bleed light that has now become too bright
and just like Icarus hope gets burnt and falls back down to the ground where now it crawls.
You try to lift yourself up and stare warily at those around you and try to see,
what it is they possess that you don't have but you are filled with nothing but jealousy.
The sun is not for you is what you decide so the darkness is where you now reside. You wonder if from your mind you will ever be free.
I guess not, cause your mind belongs to me.
#depression #anxiety #doubt #insomnia #self-esteem #mind
Surrounded by demons and ghouls on every side
their evil surrounds me
they gnash their teeth and sharpen their claws\
they wreak havoc and despair
but still my halo grows
and from it i can see the tranquility of the innocence
inside of the paradox of despair
inside of the pandoras box of congeniality
surrounded within a maze inside of the conciousness of the unknown which re evaluates

— The End —