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Coeur de June Jun 2019
I like a good orange
Both color and fruit.
I like a good man
With honesty and truth.
I like a good family
Who laugh and cry.
But I have nothing
I don't know why.

I have no fruit
No oranges at all.
I know no man
None at all.
I have a family
As one should.
But it's nothing like that
It's nothing good.
Just a quick one to commemorate me coming back to Hello Poetry in years.
kelia Sep 2015
you are a needed nap in the afternoon
a curvy spine on a midsummer bloom

a freckle on a pasty white back
you are the number one cause of heart attacks

you are a seatbelt in my grandma's car
you are a satellite mistaken for a star

you are a bedside table with sleeping pills
a hook stuck in a fishes gills

you aren't really what you seem
a quirk, a cloud, a blurry dream

if i squint my eyes you're the brightest shape
and when i close my eyes i can still see your face
Autumn Whipple Jan 2015
they say the earth
is made of elements
a whole table of them
but how many times
do we
touch promethium
in our lives?
for everyday chemistry
between you and me
we need
a new table
one that starts with Hope
then helping
then Lending
on and on
the equations of daily life
until we reach eqilibrium
ok, chem nerd moment i had like twenty of these new elements laid out but then... it became an endeavor that was taking more time than i had patience for

— The End —