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Jude Quinn Nov 2019
All this **** in the world right now, let me tell you,
It gets harder and harder to feel anything,
And we wonder why kids are breaking down,
Crying in the dark;
It's cause society is blind.

We were sold a lie.
Don't you see
You've been brainwashed too?
We were told it's survival of the fittest
So we decided to **** each other up.

How the **** can we call each other human
When we've forgotten about compassion?

I'm telling you right here, right now,
You're my brother,
You're my sister,
You don't have to feel alone.
We the broken
Need to keep each other company.

Here's my hand,
Reach for it.
It doesn't matter to me
What you've said or done.
You're not your mistakes,
You're not your worst moment,
You're not the bad you've done.

I don't care for likes or digital hearts;
I'm here to speak to the soul of those without a home,
To the kid who killed himself the other day
Cause everybody told him he was on his own,
To the poets who put pain to paper
Cause it's too much for their hearts.

We can't save the world,
That's a doomed proposition,
But we have to save the people.
I'm so tired of seeing beautiful flowers
Die in the winter.
Jude Quinn Oct 2019
You can tell the world is ending,
It takes a window to notice.
What's the use
of writting love poems, then?

We write love poems
because love won't save us,
but someone oughta save love.
Jude Quinn Sep 2019
One day
///// our scars will heal.
One day
///// our broken hearts will be mended.
One day
///// we won't have to cry at night.
One day
///// everything will be alright.
One day
///// we'll know the colour of the sky.

Don't despair,
///// it will come.
Maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

Until then,
///// come a little closer;
cause lonely people shouldn't be alone.
Jude Quinn Sep 2019
I was sitting on the grass, sad,
Though I don't remember why,
this was so long ago.
I was sitting and thinking
and sobbing.

My brother came and sat next to me,
he looked worse,
he looked as if he had seen something terrible.

"Can you give me a hug, Jude?"
He asked
and I thought, with my child mind,
"I am the older brother. I have to act like a man.
I'll put aside my sadness
and comfort my little brother.

So, I hugged him.
Then I asked him
"What happened to you?"

"Oh, nothing. I'm fine"
he answered
"But you looked like you needed a hug".

That's when I knew,
no matter the age,
my brother was older than me.
Jude Quinn Sep 2019
Do you remember your dream?
The one where you finally felt
emotionally complex,
the one where you looked in the mirror
and were able to call yourself
"A real human being"?

These days I wake-up
every cold morning
and have some trouble remembering it.
I look around and see
many have the same problem as me.

the key is to realize
we are not alone.

We are all a little lost.
Jude Quinn Aug 2019
Someday it will be enough.
Someday we will listen to each other's hearts
and find out just how close we are.
Someday the man in the high castle will have to come down
and answer for what he's done.

Don't despair.
The wind will change its course.
Today I can offer you my shoulder to cry on,
tomorrow you can offer yours to someone else.

Be to others that person who wasn't there for you,
so the world doesn't need to cry anymore.
The world as of late seems  like a mess. I guess I just wanted to share some hope.
  Aug 2019 Jude Quinn
Miss Daytona
Time to forgo the idyllic promises
Of love and its crimson garden
Avow at last for anarchic solitude
That leaves me craving,
but never starving
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