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Salman Sep 22
Make a change;
One by one,
Opinions are made,
Never really understood me or the
Light inside me
Intentional thoughts
Give out energy to scream
Help, I need help.
Tomorrow will bear this sorrow.
Moonlight is a symbol of one's innermost self. It is under the blue moonlight that people discover who they truly are and their hidden desires.
Salman Sep 22
I stare up at the sky
with the moonlight shining down on me.
you fell in love with a
dangerous woman,
now everything is going to be alright.
she was so into you,
but she was always going side to side.
let me love you, she said,
but I guess you were greedy
now you have to leave me lonely.
everyday wishing that sometimes
I don't care, I wish I didn't care
bad decisions led me to this
you just want to touch it
but boy did I wish you knew better,
I was meant to be your forever boy,
but instead, I'm here thinking bout you.
Salman Sep 17
Spiralling seamlessly,
like the moon rotates around the
i always feel like i gravitate towards you,

You are the moon and the stars,
We are never too far,
yet we are never too close,
you see me for the way I am
I see you for the way you are,

The way you smile
The way you laugh at yourself,
The way that you are there for me,
I'm not one to marry young.

But if there was 10 minutes left in this world,
i would ask you to marry me,
I'm being patient,
but sometimes love can be so hard.

I don't want to lose you but when we go
our separate ways,
i'll be wishing upon a star
that we do return to see again,

so I can do all the things I wish to do.

He created for you from
yourselves mates that you may
find tranquillity in them; and He placed
between you affection and mercy.

With all the power of the almighty
may we meet again
to love
to cherish
to build a home
to build a life.

If this a test,
then lets this be the testimony of our love,
a story forged in our hearts
sealed in heaven
and rightly delivered by the Almighty.
Forbidden Love. Such a weird thing. As a muslim, i like this girl, i don't think she is ready, i don't think i'm ready, but something about her that makes me smile, makes me want to talk to her, make sure she is fine and i want to take care of her in sickness and in health. i don't know, I have talked to her and we have been talking for a very long time, and love is a weird feeling, i didn't think i would ever find it. The thing is i wouldn't be in a relationship or ask for her to date me, because it's haram(forbidden), and i do tend to break the rules a little bit, but i don't think she wants to. that's all i have to say 😀
Salman Sep 16
This is a poem about a woman I love,
She keeps me in line
She is loving
She is nurturing
She doesn't get disappointed
She doesn't make a fuss
She takes care of me
She dressed me
She cared for me
She was there for me
She is never away from me for too long
She is the wonders of the world,
She is God's favourite,
She has endured pain
but after the pain
it followed with her heart and soul.

Like a shooting star,
she wished upon a star
she wished for safety
she wished for no pain for me
she wished that she never has to see her children in pain

That's a mum,

She is the heart and soul of the earth,
She is the only love of my life.
Salman Sep 15
When life deals us cards,
make everything taste like it is salt
then you come through like the sweetener you are
to bring the bitter taste to a halt.

I like the way you smile from cheek to cheek
Those deep-set brown eyes
makes me fall in love all over and over

Those deep-set brown eyes.

the quirkiness in your laugh
where you have no worry about the world watching,
You are free because the world is watching.

As the sun drips down your face
without a single care in the world,
and in that moment there was us.

we stared up to the sky
sang 'goodnight n go' at the
top of our lungs.

Boy, you're such a dream to me.
before you speak, don't move
because i don't want to wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up


When life deals us cards,
make everything taste like it is salt
then you come through like the sweetener you are
to bring the bitter taste to a halt.
This is a poem about missing someone you were, it was heavily inspired by ariana grande's album Sweetener, The last couple of lines, was me telling myself to Wake Up, i thought it should end with me waking up and accepting i was happy once, i can be happy again. it was very interesting poem because i'm talking to myself but i'm talking directly to a distant memory.
Salman Sep 14
I can't seem to focus
and I don't seem to notice
I am far,
I'm living but so far.

I tried to travel back
but something was pulling me
Even in my darkest hours,
You were there.

Watching over me
like the ten thousand beautiful
stars that you are,
A sun

astronomically great
I was awakened;
when I was with you on my own
all the pain of yesterday disappeared.

You're such a dream to me
but that will not be justice
the patience you had with me and all along
you were right there in front of me

Just when i thought
there was no light that
breaks up the dark
You were there.

They say
Allah is one
it's true Allah is one
The one that was the Light In My Darkness
Pre-lockdown, I wasn't religious, I really lost my way in a smoke of facades. I really was ready to renounce my religion. But, then lockdown came and it hit me, I was starting to discover who I was, and slowly I realised Islam was the light in all my darkness
Salman Jun 18
it's true, right?
Men don't cry,
Men don't care.

we are vultures,
energy-******* batteries
recharged by the pains afflicted on others

it's true.
but there's a fine difference between a man
and a person.
Men don't cry
but a person does.

I am a man,
I do cry but is made to
feel weak,
scared to breakdown in front
of my dad, my brother

Be a man and get over it.
You're a man,
Men don't cry.

The movies, the tv-shows,
they never stop showing the
man as this ruthless creature
reinforcing the idea of the
stereotypical, hypocritical agenda of
being a MAN.

Men Don't -
cut the *******

most definitely
don't cry
because of the fear of
public humiliation.



Men Don't Cry

This phrase is overplayed.
it's time to switch games,
switch players,
We need to start a new storyline.
Maybe this one won't end with
the man losing his life,
because of his fear of crying
and trying to be the tough, ruthless.
energy-******* battery.




Do have
this poem is about the societal idea that men are tough, they are emotionless but this poem discusses ideas, this is what society says a man is, man is tough and emotionless because we perceive them that way. most men do cry and that's what a man is. someone who goes through **** like every other PERSON does.
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