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Delyla Nunez Nov 2020
One football field. One game. One team.
One girl.
Keep away for a football, yet little did I know that it was for my heart.
Kid love, just thoughts of love. Kicking shins and tackles in grass.
Climbing trees, fences, and private properties.
Soccer games were a must, even the one she scored on his team. He says it doesn’t count. 13 years old and one guy makes me rethink life.

What she thought she knew.
What she thought love was.
What she thought one boy could do was nothing compared to the others.
Something was different with this boy.
She followed him everywhere he went.
She let him influence her thoughts, her emotions and her heart.
She wondered why butterflies erupted in her stomach when she looked at him.

Brown orbs and black rimmed frames looked back hers.
His eyes told her stories, wondrous adventures, and scandalous ideas.
He warned her, she chose not to listen.
He told her her the dangers, it didn’t matter I’d follow him anywhere
This was it.

Flash forward leaving child play behind us.
Yet we are still climbing trees, fences and private properties.
Snarky comments, egos high and hormones on edge.
New challenges to face for teenagers, new assignments, and new personalities.
My focus was still him, made sure he stayed happy with his girls and vice versa.
Wearing your jersey on those Friday nights. Only i wore his number. Number 66/67.
Him in the stands sitting in the perfect position to watch me dance. She showed him the whole routine for this reason.
This was it.

April 26, 2016
This time blankets are laid on floors and the sky was a vast space of glitter.
A special occasion before prom. Their last prom.
Hands were held, lips were touched and her body was taken to another universe.
Nobody around to see what they truly were, themselves.
They watched the stars, he brought my favorite chips, a gallon water jug and candles.
The candles couldn’t light because of the breeze we had.
This one person took a hold of my heart without me knowing.
Broke my walls without trying.
This was it.

Moves were made, distance struck, and the two were in different cities.
Late night phone calls were the priority and visits were placed.
The first person to welcome her home to the last person to say goodbye.
Always like that.
She’s invited to family excursions, and their talks were getting longer than they were. Serious conversation was conversed.
He moved her back October 8, 2017.
This was it. Right?

I hurt him too.
Because that’s who I grew to be. Heartless yet kind. A monster yet an angel.
We stopped talking for months,
Until two weeks after his birthday.
He calls me, I answer.
I always answered.
He told her he Loved her.
She cried harder.
He calms her down, singing his heart out to make her feel better.
Making your side comments that I loved.
Little did she know it was their last conversation.

April 8, 2018
Here lies the body of a sweet man. A man who had stuck by my side even when told not too. A man who held my heart from the beginning.
A man I was suppose to marry.
A man who placed wonderful and hurtful memories across my mind.
A man that was everything to me, is gone.

I place a red rose on his casket, a kiss for the afterlife, and a complete wreck of silent cries.
It wasn’t it and now she’d never know what could’ve been. She’d be stuck and lost. Forever in their memory, an everlasting love taken too soon.
This was it.
The end.
Forever and Always.
Typewriter1 Feb 2020
The day you came into my life was the day I knew you were someone I would never want to lose... I write what I fee but never say them to you, I’m Afraid and I’m scared of getting hurt or feeling like I don’t deserve you, someone asked me what I would do if you told me to let go and move on.
I replied with ; I’d tell you all the times that made me love you I’d explain my love for the one I have giving my trust and respect for the one I can call my best friend, the things that made me fall for u in person than I said I really love him but he wants me to let go I would respect his wishes and leave but I’d cry everyday knowing I won’t have you in my life that means I would lose my best friend my soul mate my boyfriend my world my other half, I’m sorry I couldn’t give you what you wanted but I hope you find someone that can love you the same I did. I would of hoped that one day we would get married have kids live life grow old, but for u you broke my heart and left me but I want you to know that you are and will always be my best friend I love you.
Her Songs Jul 2019
When I first met you, I did not like you.

I hated that you were always on top of your work,
That you were always so focused all I could do was lurk.
I hated that you always tried to be the best,
Competing with me in disregard to my request.

I was jealous of you because you were so perfect.
You made everything seem so worth it.
I never saw you walk away with anything other than an A.
All work was done in the best possible way.
I found myself comparing myself to you.
I wanted to be perfect too.

I tried to change myself to resemble you.
It actually helped me get out of the blues.
Many would say that you should never change who you are,
But when I was with you,
I felt like a star.

I started to distance myself because depression got in the way.
You were my first real friend and I doubted you would stay.
I dug myself into a hole to get away from you,
With this sadness following me too.
I never looked back to see you following me.
I would soon realize that you were a precious treat.

You stayed with me for a very long time,
You stayed with me until I was ready to climb.
Until I met you,
all I knew was demons
But you soon convicted them of treason.

You demonstrated the definition of a bright light.
And I could never thank you enough for showing me what was right.
Continue to be you: such a beautiful rose.
Dispose of any thoughts that may oppose.
Charlie Harman Jan 2018
Eight days a week he lays upon his bed of bones,
Filled with nothing but the ashes of his dreams.

Eight days a week she stands upon his grave,
Flowers in her hands for the one she couldn't save.

Eight days a week the memory of his smile fades,
From her poets mind come the blades;

Why him
*Why him...
Never forget the smiles he shared with you, for if you do then his memory will be lost...
Arasynya Cain Aug 2013
You change your mind like he changes girls.
Never breaking a commitment, but hurting just the same.
You say that you're not like him,
but what you do sweetie.
Is just as bad.

You lead them on.
Get their hopes up.
Only give a taste.
Make them love you.
Then change your mind.
On to the next perfect guy.


This way you never get hurt.
Protecting yourself, without realizing the damage you've caused.
Really, you're no better than he is.
At least he knows he breaks hearts.

So maybe that means.
You're worse.
Michael Cassio Jul 2015
Egbert: my best friend
What secrets do you hide
In the glowing warmth of your orb?

You hung from the ceiling,
Allowed us to roll a

When darkness beckoned,
You illuminated. One euphoric conflagration of immense joy.

You remain with us.
When others approached
You welcomed. Yet,
You remained loyal.
You will remain loyal

You've taken me this far, now
Take me
All the way to Kochstraße.
Inspired by an unnamed egg at an undisclosed location
Lily Siegel Dec 2014
A person that knows who you truly are.
How can one define a term such as a ‘true friend’?
What does it mean to have a true friend?
People cheat, lie, and betray thus my true friend could do the same
Does a friend always stand at my side and hold me up?
Will that one true friend truly listen to my every petition?
People make mistakes and fail to meet expectations.
Will this true friend help heal the scars in my heart?
Will this friend be willing to fix me when I am broken?
A person is human and does not comprehend every one of your needs.
But I can say that a true friend is one that sits beside you;
Even when he cannot understand you.
He may commit mistakes but is not afraid to apologize,
That has a genuine desire to hear your broken soul and work through it with you;
Rejoices when he hears about your exploits and adventures;
Laughs when you fall but gives you a hand to get back on your feet,
That plots and plans with you how to conquer another guy’s heart,
And most important than all will forgive you when you hurt him.
That is how I know who is My True Friend.
For my true friends scattered around the world. You know who you are
Amour de Monet Jun 2014
blind me
deafen me
take my limbs
for i have lived in love

it is not with my eyes i see
it is not with my ears i hear
it is not with my hands i feel
for i have lived in love

blind me
deafen me
take my limbs
for i have lived in love

i have seen your smile shine
i have heard your laughter sing
i have felt your arms keep
for i have lived in love

blind me
deafen me
take my limbs
for i have lived in love

my heart still sees you
my heart still hears you
my heart still feels you
for i have lived in love

blind me
deafen me
take my limbs
for my heart has lived in love
and i shall live in my hearts memory
I  miss you Andy. I still can’t believe you’re gone. It’s funny - I still want to show you things all the time - and I sometimes even send them to you anyway - where they go I don’t know - I don’t care - You were always in tune with me - no matter what it was or how our distance - You always knew my good, my bad, my happy, my sad… and I wouldn’t even have to tell you how I was doing - you just knew. Wherever your soul went Andy - wherever all that energy and life and love only you could shine with went - I hope it finds its way to me from time to time… just to check in.

Love you. Always Penguin.

Your Puffina

Haych May 2014
so many feelings flooded back all at once,
like a tsunami rolled high and crashed down low
sweeping out everything and anything...
just at the sound of her voice...
anger, happiness, frustration, relief...
most importantly even tho i wanted to cry and scream,
or maybe both actually...
we laughed instead.
I may get so angry to the point i wish i could hate my best friend,
but in the end i never seem to find a real 'reason' to really 'hate' her
Only myself.
Because my worry stems into a raging fury sometimes.
I get angry because she means so much and i worry about her
But i could never really 'hate' her
how can you hate a person with a laugh that fills the earth and heavens with...bursting sprinkles of sprays of fountains of joy and happiness..
Because i certaintly cannot, and i pray the day never comes when i ever do
My exam is finally over....and..and...and i spoke to my best friend
Don't come any closer or i might burst due to the insane medical condition i am currently in haha....I've been away from my bestfriend way too's not even funny -_-
So Thankyou math exam, i hope you're happy.

— The End —