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Arasynya Cain Nov 2017
I'll sleep soundly
An empty bottle in my hand
The smell of whisky in the air
An empty up soul upon the floor

Yea I'll sleep soundly
No more thoughts of you
My mind a mess
A song I thought I knew

Oh I'll sleep soundly
I won't hear you say goodnight
Because I'll be sleeping soundly
I don't know the words anymore.
Arasynya Cain Dec 2013
I wish I was me again,
the one you fell in love with.
Care free, kind, and happy.
Still holding it all together.
It makes me so sad.
To think of how you must see me now.
Paranoid, insecure, cold.
I know i'm not myself.
I hate it every day.
I want to go back to that.
The medication doesn't help.
I'm lost in a fog.
I'm crying to you for help,
But the more lost I get.
The more I lose you.
Arasynya Cain Dec 2013
I had a dream last night that I felt myself slipping.
Right on the border of light and dark.
I wanted to be evil.
The feeling of bad felt so good.
I wanted to not care.
I wanted to be a plague to the world.
I wanted to burn it all down.

But then I saw him.
A little one alone and hurt on the ground.
I lost my fire and ran to him.
But then I realized it was you.
All I wanted to do was help you.
But you turned me away.
And the fire came back.

It's the same in reality.
When I see you
I run to you.
Needing to be beside you.
When you turn me away,
the fire grows.
Slowly, like a dim ember glowing red inside.
Soon the ember will turn to fire.
Blazing, scorching, deadly fire.
You need to take me seriously.
Because you're not ready for me to lose myself.
Arasynya Cain Dec 2013
I don't know what disappoints me more.
That “I promise” is just something you say to shut me up or the fact that I fall for it every time.
That I tell you I’ve planned a special dinner, but I end up eating alone.
That the little things mean nothing anymore.
That I can see that I don’t make you happy and you pretend everything’s fine.
That it’s not fair when I cry because it makes you feel bad or that when you actually are here it’s more lonely then when aren’t.
Or how I know that the bottle will always come before me, but still I stay.
Arasynya Cain Oct 2013
On an isle far way. Lost throughout the seas. A temple lies behind the mist, beyond the realms of you and me. The corridors lined with the likeness of men in stone. Pirates, sailors and knights who braved the seas and the tentacled beast. All to win the maiden treasure the temple keeps. Now the maiden hides alone. Alone in the tower with her lover encased in stone. Black tears from her eyes stain the silk of her gown. Mourning the memory of her lover drowned. She had not meant to take his life, but she could not resist the temptation of loving eyes. Loving eyes she'd never seen. Her strength giving way to selfish need. Her slithering hair speaks "He was not right for thee."  Jealous whispers , lies straight from the serpent's tongue. But now she could take no more. A concealed dagger to silence the beast for sure, but the beast saw the dagger's shine. They deflected her in the serpent's way. Clammy bodies wrapped around her throat. Gasping breathes echoed from the drowning host. Once she fell onto the ground, they disappeared into the sea without a sound. Now she lays cold beside her lovers stone. Now joined together in the world below.
Arasynya Cain Aug 2013
I never thought I would be the one who was broken.
The one clinging to the last hope of something solid.
I never thought I would be the one seeing my family ripped apart.
Gnashed and clawed by the beasts of sin.
I never thought I would be this scared.
Having no honest clue of what I was supposed to do.
I never thought i would have to beg for help.
But still be ignored by a friend.
I never thought i would lose my love.
But hardship can make even the strongest bonds wear thin.
I never though I would lose my passion.
But mostly I never knew this pain,
could bring it all back.
Arasynya Cain Aug 2013
Smoke drifts across the sky.
The cities burning.
Ashes fly.
Vapor rises up from the sewers,
like souls departing from this world.
A mother's screams pierce the air,
as her child is engulfed by the flames.
The Devil is raising an army.
Down below the chosen go.
To serve their new master.
He raises his army to break free,
from his fiery prison.
To cast down the arrogant angels,
the ones to lock him in his burning cage.
To set free the souls of the Dammed,
to run rampant in the world of men.
If Heaven were protecting them,
it would have never have came to this.
Its time unleash.
A new world order.
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