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Buven ThePoet Oct 20
It started with the small talks
I was just a friend
A liaison between the two
My smile had no hidden feelings
I pledged my troth
But the wheel rolled itself
Surreptitious relationship
It was hard to repudiate the feeling
The precious moments put everything
in place,
great value beyond any price.

Buven ThePoet Aug 29
Giving myself credit on my
little try outs
That's just me
Exhibiting the 'okay face'
in bad situations
That's just me
Launching soliloquy and
giving myself the expected
That's just me
Only the authorized can pass through
my pachydermatous skin.
Buven ThePoet Aug 13
Snapping out of my lethargy
Hankering for a key that
opens every door of treasure
Hope hanging on the
tip of my toe
Yet I show great aplomb
Though the day comes with
its twin sometimes
A one step back would be a
disgrace to the plan
Buven ThePoet Aug 12
There are friends who just
need your hands to find
the hidden gold
Why do you always try to
be part of someone's journey
whereas you have your own?
I chose to be laconic
It saves a lot of energy
and tears.
I'm still kind,
But If the water is salty
I just move on with my dry throat
It becomes a secure and
congenial home
When a woman is around,
bonny circle..
If you treat them well
They bless your heart with
love and arouse
your intrinsic glow
Dear women..
You are strong and comely
May this day allay the
extreme heat
and assemble serene skies

Buven Thepoet
Buven ThePoet Dec 2019
I have never met the *****
But he is helping me to plant
Something productive within me
He is not a cardiologist
But he knows how to mend the heart.
Fully So!
I have learnt a lot of things from him
I am highly motivated!
I always check his updates
And everything...
What a great ***** with good morals!
I am not just a fan
I meditate On his blessed lines..
Good music!
His album is on my first aid kit...
He boosts my Self-esteem...
I have learnt how to work hard
And focus on my goal
Because of his hard work..
He engages positivity and
Ignores insults...
Humble !

Buven ThePoet
Buven ThePoet Dec 2019
There are some things
I can't control...
I always knock at your door
But you don't call...
I always smell a different cologne
On your bed...
I always bring you your favourite
No word of mine makes sense
To you..
All zero!
I hate it when you cry..
But you lied!
Something died within me.
Your tears are just salty drops
To me...
I thought you would make me proud
But you broke down the crown..
Thank you for the map..
Your heart is everywhere.
Why would I look for something
That is common?

Buven ThePoet
tee2emm Mar 2015
Three wives or at least two
But I'm one of the few
The few that believes in monogamy
So I'm sticking to my marriage with poetry

Yes, I admit to a couple of affairs with words
But that's a crime my wife can easily wave go
Like Sarah having her maid wooed
Though desecrating to her matrimonial room.

Make it rain all day
Rain poems that makes heart stay sane
Pain and bitterness interwoven into poetry
Yes sad but the joy therein comes after the read.

Let there be a deluge
So much without a place for refuge
Let the poetic flood wash away pollutants of this awesome world
Let the poetic purification begin now.

I pledge to transformational poetry
I write this insane world back into sanity
Recreating my own space
Letting my pen and mind decide the pace.

Peace out of chaos
Addicted criminal gone pious
I call that "Poetic magic"
Clio Feb 2015
It happened that night, Friday
He finally broke his silence,
He spoke of us being too different
Too different to be meant for each other
Two different kinds of peas, to Unalike to fit in one pod
He didn't speak of his life being to low to compare to mine
His lips didn't have to say it
His gaze said enough
His eyes told his story of unhappiness
His distance showed me his new found direction
Away from this relationship
I tried to prevent him from leaving, but all my efforts proved futile
He no longer wanted to conversate
Neither did he have intentions to negotiate
He didn't want to work it out
He didn't even try

After that moment
I sat with a fixed gaze into realms beyond my own understanding
Reaching miles of strange feelings
That soft mushy feeling had dissolved
And his name no longer gave me chills
Deleting his pictures and contacts was effortlessly done
Thats when it hit me
We were over
We had fallen love
Pineapple Jan 2015
I don't know how to get my mind out of this funk...
I can't stop thinking.
I can't stop thinking.
I can't stop thinking.
EVERYTHING is going through my mind right now.
I need somebody to calm me down.
I need somebody to tell me I can be strong.
I need somebody to make me forget.
All of the bad things.
All of the bad people.
Everything I've been through.
I can't get my mind to SHUT THE HELL UP.
I can't get those happy thoughts in my head.
I can't, I just can't.
I need somebody to help me right now.
I thought maybe this could help I could just type and type and type until it stopped.
My mind
My body
My heart
All full of anger.
I can't focus enough to catch up with my own breathe.
Make me forget.
It's all bottled up and I can't trust anyone.
Trust leads to more pain.
My heart just can't handle anymore pain.
Calm. Calm. Calm. Calm.
Please let this anxiety attack go away.
Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

— The End —