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Jessica Jarvis Apr 2018
Take a second to jot down a few words directly into the post box.
Be thankful for the moment you got away today and drove with the windows down to pick up pizza for dinner.
You didn't want to step away from your computer,
but your parents told you to, so you ran the errand.
What a nice relief.
Remember the music that played and how the wind brushing your arm reminded you of that liberating feeling when you would ride motorcycles in Estero, and it felt like nothing mattered...
You just drove and hummed whatever song made you feel the happiest.


Your procrastination is over, so seclude yourself out on the lanai;
brace for the long night ahead.
Maybe your friends will wish you a good night and it'll motivate you for the long haul.
It hasn't been too long since you last stayed up until 2... 3... maybe 4am, right?
Put on that playlist. (It will help.)
Let Son Lux provide that numbing white noise,
loud enough to keep you energized, quiet enough to let you type.
Maybe you'll stay out until you get it done.
Maybe you'll just get it over with tonight.
Maybe you'll want to stay out, to see the sunrise.
but for now, finish up your word doodles,
your little mindless rants,
so you can apply your mind to the "important things".
You'll make the best of it. (I know you will.)
Maybe you'll have fun with it.
Maybe you'll be proud of it.
Maybe you'll forget everything you've learned,
but for now, this is your time to write,
your time to prove yourself,
so you can tell the rest of the world,

"I did it."

What motivates you?
Matt Bishop Mar 2018
The horizon line is infinite before you
And, also
You are embracing it
There is the red, rocky, dusty ground
And the nuclear glow of the western sky
Its burning now blurring the edge that separates it from the earth
And all is one great sea of red

The motorcycle is stoic beneath you
Rumbling a faithful rhythm
As the desert darkens
The cigarette ashes and embers trail out behind you
Until you are a lone, shooting star
Streaking across the barren expanse
The red light’s red but I’m turning right,
The coast is clear – no cars in sight.
I make the turn and I make it slow
On the corner sat a huge cop on his hog.
Sirens blazing like he was late for his grog,
Behind me he flew with lights all a glow.

Pulling over to honor this beast's demand
I already had my license in hand.
He brought his big carcass up to my window
Grabbed my license and ask me what I’m into.
Nothing I said, I’m just headed home,
Then he dripped some sweat onto my chrome.

All at once he started swatting at what he thought was a bee
I said it’s just a horse fly so let it be.
He bent over and looked at me through the window
While asking me, what the hell is a hoss fly?
Not a hoss fly – a horse fly – I said through the window
You know – it’s a fly that flies around and around a horse's ****.

He got a little closer and pushed down his shades
And asked me if I was calling him a hoss’s **** in spades.
I said – no sir – not at all – I would never ever
Do anything like that at all – that for me would be too terse.
He said something that I couldn’t understand
When then the fly lit on his Foster Grants.

Cross-eyed he handed me back my license
And began swatting at the thing creating the offense.
But the horse fly was faster than he and had more sense
As he slapped his shades off across into a fence.
The fly flew around and around his head
While he backed out into the street like something ******.

I reached through the window and pulled him out of the street
For a car was coming and they were sure to meet.
Realizing now what he had almost done
He shook my hand and said I could go that we were done.
But one more time he stuck his sweaty face in mine
And asked me once again if I was calling him a hoss’s ****.

Again I said - no sir, absolutely not but that I couldn't lie -
Sir, you know - you just can’t fool a smart horse fly.
People has more fun than anybody... sometimes at the expense of others. No harm meant here Mr. Police Officer. I just told your story for it was you who created the lines. By the way - would someone please tell him that it is perfectly legal to turn right on red...
Natassia Serviss Jan 2018
I never felt like a hopeless romantic.
I was more hopeless.
My echoed gears turned the oil blood sick.
Burnt rubber following a dim lit haze.  
Unbolted and unburdened with only you to praise.
Soft thoughts of him, a daily occurrence.
I rolled
in on
my hog
while today's
traffic was
through the
bog like
wheels in
heresy laid
upon the
road in
stride as
she was  
a notorious
surprise what
wagered my
tires in-between
A Harley -Davidson
Igorgoldkind Oct 2017
Ode to Victory

Steel and rain-splattered chrome
Shield the gyroscopic Dharma Wheels
That just keep on spinning,
Keeping me Upright,
Flying through the air.

I am Sonic
My dominion is the horizon
Between desire, destination and the rumbling between my thighs.
My engine is as powerful as my mind.
As strong as 80 Horses that pull me over this curve of Earth.

Victory, you succumb to my hands,
And the shift of my weight on your saddle
We are living gravity together:
Whitman’s body-electric,
Just beneath the ***** aroma of engine oil and gasoline.

Riding on the back of the California black striped serpent
From San Diego to Santa Rosa
To the very edge of madness
And back again,
Victory, you deliver me from myself,

You growl when I awaken you in the morning,
Nearly choking on your petrol cough.
Occasionally, you sputter complaints at me when I ride you up that hill
But your joy at reaching the summit
Is the sweet surrender to a gravity we both crave.

Victory, your piercing gaze illuminates the night.
All fog of air & mind flee desperate before your flight.
You are the clear sky after the rain: the clarity before thought or rhyme
Our momentum keeps us running ahead,
Out of reach, of God and death and time.

©Igor Goldkind 2017
- May 2017
I didn’t know you
but I know you.

You were
a rebel.
It was in your veins.
You wore a leather jacket,
leather boots.
You’d walk down the street with
a purpose.
You never cared what they thought.
The roar of the engine
would bring a smile to your face.
You loved everything about it.
The rumble
and the low-slug feel of the seat.
You loved
the rush of wind in your face,
the feeling of being free and in control of life.
Your destination never mattered.
It was the trip you enjoyed.

Once you got a taste of freedom,
you became addicted.
Always seeking for excitement.
You searched for new places,
new people,
new things.

You did it all.

You cared for your family,
your friends.

I know you
loved her.
I could feel it,
see it,
sense it
when she entered the room.
I didn’t even see her right away
but I knew something was different.
I knew you were there
with her,
with us.
It was the first time I met her
but I knew who she was.
She entered with a purpose.
Just like you.
The way she stood.
The way she talked.
The look in her eyes.
Her presence.
Just like you.

The more I talked to her
the more I saw you.
It hurt listening to her.
She was in love with you.
I could hear it in her voice.
You’ve been gone for a while
but you impacted so many people.
I wish I was one of those people.
I miss you,
even though I never met you.

Your life betrayed you.
You were no longer in control.
The end came too soon.
You were too good for this world.

I didn’t know you
but I know you.
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