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Aeryn Mar 2019
A smooth head tilt toward the sidewalk,
he gently gestures for us to cross
When ignored, he snaps a bent leg into place
as naturally as he's attracted to men
soft, intelligent eyes glinting through his rainbow helmet

His cycle stutters like he did when asking Jason out,
breathing out life like he breathed out "I love you",
a mustang anxious to rear up and gallop
He soothes the handlebars with steady palms,
then unleashes his bike's power
as soon as we're safe
on the other side,

off to meet up at a romantic café
with a man named Peter Ryde.
I was crossing the street this morning and saw the most passionate look in this motorcyclist's eyes. I had to write about him.
Aeryn Mar 2019
shoulder to shoulder
psst, hey, see the girl
next to you?
you should hold her

bolder and bolder,
like a butch boulder,
they smile and
glance at my lips.

sweet hugs and
warmness touch and
talk of baking,
future plans.

we'll make all the
rainbow cupcakes.

get all the
genderless clothing.

one look
is not a future
written in ink,
but here's hoping.
Aeryn Mar 2019
I want to cut my hair
I don't want to cut my hair

It weighs me down
drags me along the
trenches of gender stereotypes

People look at me,
"That's a girl."
And I'll turn the color
of diluted self-harm blood; pink.
Maybe I'll give
Being androgynous
a whirl.

It gets all knotty
I keep it in a dull, bland ponytail
I don't think it deserves more
Nor I

But if I cut it,
I'll still be in the stereotype

Another Queer!
Look there,
At their hair!
Probably gay,
By the way!

And what if I look stupid besides?
I have no freaking idea whether to cut it or not.
alexa Mar 2018
why, hello there. nice to see you. and welcome to, our society is a ****** up place that needs be changed.

people think that its perfectly okay to fat shame, **** shame, skinny shame, and anything in-between. but once it happens to them its world war three. guess what, if you dont want something done to you. dont do it. hypocrites and shamers of people are whats wrong with todays society.

people who think that all cops are bad. yes, ill give it to you, most cops now-a-days are *****. but not all of them. some of them actually follow the rules that they're provided with. people who aren't openminded with things is what's wrong with todays society.

people who think that just because someone didnt go to college or finish high school etc. are stupid or are a disgrace. honey, the only person who's a disgrace is you. it is none of your business what happens in peoples lives. people who **** in and think that their negative opinions matter is what's wrong with todays society.

people who think that people who are in the LGTBQ+ community or support it are unworthy or dont deserve respect or anything like that. honey, as i said before, its none of your business. let people be who they want, let them express themselves, let people love each other no matter the gender! people who are unaccepting is whats wrong with todays society.

people in general are whats wrong with todays society. and we, people who accept everyone and anyone need to speak up. voice your opinions. important ones matter. because we, the people matter. no matter if you're black, white, hispanic, gay, straight, bi, lesbian, trans, queer, pansexual, heterosexual, agender, etc. you matter! and we're here to make it known, that everyone matters.
hey, i got really bored at five in the morning and decided why not write some things that have been bugging me for awhile. these are somethings that need to be addressed and i feel like with whats going on currently in the world, that this was the perfect timing.
sabra Feb 2017
Tell her about your parents
How they’re still together after 26 years
Tell her about their fights when your dad drank too much
And undercooked the pasta
Tell her about the divorce rate
And Brad and Angelina
And Brad and Jennifer
And all of the loves that didn’t work out
Because nothing is truly meant to last forever

When she tells you she doesn’t want to marry you
Tell her about your roommate
And her boyfriend
And the time he got her name tattooed in huge letters along his forearm
And the permanence of that love
The mark it leaves forever
Tell her about the time they broke up

When she shows you her terrible stick n poke tattoo
Tell her she’s an idiot.
Show her your piercings
Take them out
Remind her how much you hate permanence

When she tells you her tattoo will fade eventually
Tell her that’s the problem
Tell her how much TV you watch
How the couple you’re supposed to want together
Always breaks up
Tell her about The Bachelor
And Are You The One
Tell her how exhausting telling everyone you were dating was
And how it’ll be even worse to tell everyone you broke up

When she tells you she’ll never break up with you
Remind her how much you hate when she lies
Remind her about the time she did try to break up with you
And only failed because you’re so stubborn
Tell her how “never” and “always” are problematic words
And how you wear gray t-shirts so often because secretly
You’re a fan of the gray area
You’ve become so used to it it’s almost comforting

When she tells you she loves you
Refuse to believe her
Nit pick the way she said it
Don’t look her in the eye
Laugh it off
When she tells you she loves you
Don’t say it back
Tell her the truth

Tell her you’re scared.
For male children,
strength is emphasized;
aloofness modeled;
athleticism encouraged;
blue, the preferred color.

We, the privileged,
are taught up front
precisely what to like
to avoid ostracism.

Very early we learn
not to show our emotions,
to suffer silently,
wearing personas as masks.

Chin up, chest out, soldier.
Feelings are gay, but hey,
as long as sports are involved
a little grab-*** is

Men have hobbies because
hobbies are an impersonal way
to show love and care
and they become the bridge
to connect with other men emotionally,

There is no other way.

This is desperation
born of the isolation
of our indoctrination.
I am genderqueer.
I have never been male,
but I had no other options.
Categorization by default
is garbage.

— The End —