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Gangothrii Jan 2021
We sought to see the world so wide,
To blaze a trail that was oh, so bright..
Our dreams bore wings so feather light,
And we let them soar up the clear blue skies..

Thought paths we chose were so apart,
We clutched and held all that was dear.
Time that stole through the memories held,
Faded  but seived all that we felt.

You held my hand at time so hard,
Bent double over the laughter riots we shared..
It ripped us when the other was sad,
And chimed in together when absolutely mad!!

A friend , A foe, my sister or soul,
I know not what you mean anymore.
Vow I do for what it's worth,
not a day goes by, that I miss you the most.
For a friend who means more than life.
Reh Patel Oct 2020
Happy Birthday, My Super Star Sister
From the day you were born,
I've watched you grow In this life,
Into the nicest person one could know.
Love changes everything, words oh so true;
My world changed the moment when we both became sisters, me and you.
A baby sister who captured my heart,
At the first moment we decided to take birth together.
As you have said to me many times in the past,
Perhaps we decided who will be first and who will be last.
No matter how many storms or chaos comes our way Nothing and no one can tear us apart;
That goes for all those who love you to bits,
Even they cannot break what we have built.
We have had good times and bad times too,
With new memories to make.
Especially when we do fight and we may not tell each other everything;
Reh and Rose will always shine together Like the Sun and Stars that always shine bright.
You light up a room, soon as you appear.
A gift to the world, So precious and dear.
My sister and friend, A true bond forever,
I always love all the moments,
And the time we spend together.
May this special day and all days after Be filled with abundant love and laughter.
Every moment a moment to treasure For a sister who brings so much pleasure.
Never change from the woman that you are.
To us sisters! you are a "Super Star!"
Thanks for staying close to my soul and heart Even though we were staying far apart.
You always kept me in your heart and mind.
A sister like you takes many lives to find.
We may not be sisters by blood but be beyond, Soul sisters that we're born together with an unbreakable bond.
Happy Birthday to My Birth Buddy,
My Childhood friend, My Better Half,
My Younger Soul Sister Rose
I'd just like to say,
You're one in a million,
And I'm glad I can share my day with you.
Have a wonderful day.
Happy Birthday Sister!
My Sweetheart God Bless You On Our And My Birthday.
Geetika Jun 2020
Congratulations sister ,
Congratulations for new phase of life .
I know you will rock the wedding ,
With kajal in your eyes and a blissful smile.

I know you will look
Mesmerizing ,with  chudis in your hand.
And I know you will hook ,
To the thoughts in your head .

Jiji will be blessing you ,
From wherever she is .
She'll be proud of you,
And sending you loads of hugs and kisses .

I'm so happy for you ,
As you are gonna enter into new family and a new house .
            But never forget that you,
Are part of our family and daughter of our house.

Yashu will miss your strictness,
And Madhav will miss your smile.
And you know that ,
No one knows you better than jiji and I.

Always saty happy and start this, beautiful phase of life with the chosen one.
With some tears of happiness and,
And the cutest smile 😊.
Yesterday my cousin sister got married and I am so so much happy for her so I wrote this one for her
Her mother means my bui Ji or jiji is not with us so I feel she will feel better if I telly her some deep feelings of mine and I think k nothing is deep than poems and expressions 😊
Amira Sep 2019
They say a sister is a blessing
your behavior has me guessing

An absolute annoyance
With a pinch of joyance

From constant fights
To proving you're right

Disliked since the birth
Cause you make hell on earth

You act like a *****
we both know who’s a little *******

A pillar of hope
But forever my dope
Wrote this piece for my sister's birthday :)
muteD Dec 2018
I'm missing a piece ,
a piece of my heart .
and that piece died years ago ..
literally ,
you were my light in a dark room .
my laughter when all I wanted to do was cry ,
you were
you are
my sister .

I'm sorry I couldn't save you.
I'm sorry I wasn't there to see the light
leave your eyes
oh how alone you must have felt
to have to die in a bathroom with nothing but
bubbles and
a bathtub of water .
"mom , help!"
"***** , save me!"
"baby brothers , are you there?"
"can anyone hear me?!"
if only you could have spoken ,
I wonder what you would have yelled .
oh , poo , I am sorry that I wasn't there .
I'm sorry that it was you
and not me .
I would give you my life if I could ,
wrap it up in newspaper just so I could see you
tear it apart
just one more time ,
for old times sake .
maybe play some music so I can see your
light up my room
and light up my life .
you will forever be my missing piece  ,
my puzzle will never be complete
without you ..

Love ,
***** .
I miss you *****..
"It's beautiful. I felt that."-JS
Pankaj Thakur May 2015
We love a girl,
We live with a girl,
Our life with a girl,
What we never want a baby girl,,,,

Our life with a girl,
The world is nothing,
Without a girl,
Please everybody save the girl,,,,

We love a girl,
But we leave her,
Then we loves another one,
After cheat her,,,,

Be a man,
Don't be a lady,
Love a girl,
To make her feel crazy,,,,

we earn the money,
We spent the money,
Then why we leave our MOTHER,
At the stage of old lady,,,,,

We all live,
We all die,  
Set a another goal,
That u never make a girl cry.....!
"save the girls to create the world"
Day May 2015
The way she hangs on everything I say,
As if every word that I speak is a revelation to her.

And the way she needs me to hold her hand when she is scared,
As if I can protect her from any danger, lurking in the shadows.

The little tear she sheds when she's tired,
Even when she tells me she's not.

And the smile she radiates when shes exited,
Even though she tries to be calm.

I just hope that she knows,
I hope she understands how precious she is.

How even when she doesn't think that she is enough,
That she will always be enough.

I hope that she remembers that smile,
That beamed on her face as a little four year old.

That smile that reached into my heart,
And stole it the day she was born.

And I hope that no matter what,
She will always be, My Little Sister.
I wrote this for my amazing little sister, who though frustrates me at times, is the most amazing person I have ever known.
Jaya Rose Jan 2015
weep away little child
weep your problems away
shed a tear
cry out loud
helps you in anyway
your lovely heart broken
or lost in your fears
weep out,weep out
and you will be okay
weep out little one
it's fine
you're alone
no one will hear you
don't keep your problems
to your own
whisper to your
and close your eyes
weep out,weep out
keeps your burden away
wrote this 2 years ago,dedicated to my sister.
Moonlight Oct 2014
For a friend that's not a tool
And for a friend who somewhat likes pools
I love you like a sis
And I'm glad your not a priss
Your always there for me
Even if I'm being a be-
I'm glad I have you in my life
Even if you'd never be my wife
Your the best person in this universe
even if it is diverse
I will never leave you nor we I lie
And I shall hold this true till I die
even if death do us part
And even if I ****
I know you'll never go away
Even if were faraway!
I really do love you like a sis Logen!

— The End —