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8pm sunsets man who could’ve imagine
Seeing us in each other’s arm could be so magic
One ****** and we moving backwards
Lately your texts are getting cold,
Like ice cubes in this summer cooling away
from our fire energy, the when time is emites
Repeated arguments got our feeling so redundant.
Hoping to see better days, hoping we see a better vayca.
Live yours and I’ll live mines, but we pendulums our time will come back at the terminal when I arrive.
It will grow till it is nice a vibrate, how it connects one to each other
Forming a bind strong to defend droplets.
Each quarter you see it to grow till peaks to fall.
Colors to create a new environment
Once it becomes cold, a disappearance is what is told.
I am beautiful
I have my own unique face
no one is like me

I am terrible
I do things that no one should
no one is like me

I am all alone
no one understands my mind
no one is like me

I am powerful
I can influence the world
no one is like me

oh the irony
realizing these are the things
everyone believes
I say hi
You say hola
It’s gets deeper than greetings, but not for long.
We sing to each other till our traditions says no mas.
If I was born there and not here maybe we would relate, but here is to learn and up our perspective.
Here gives what all we have left even if it’s my last capital.
There just takes,
ask never reciprocate energies as if there weren’t any scientist.
But here we do blame ourselves, in actions that haven’t become, here create more films in our head that lead to 500 days of ******.
There doesn’t have movies like that.
That’s the differences, if I spoke it in English you wouldn’t listen, cause if I say it Spanish it wouldn’t make sense, so yea “I’m sorry”, what’s we say here instead.
Please repost if you love these, I don’t know how to tags most of these but hey it’s all in the process. Thanks 🙏🏻
  Feb 20 GarçonDelLaOcean
Don’t be sad now that I’m gone

For all my incompleteness has been made whole

My idiosyncrasies have synchronized

My evil has been turned to the good

My unwillingness made willing

Freed from myself I was allowed to right my wrong

Struggle free and find absolution

My absolution was quickly given away

To those that seek their own but cannot find it with the living
25 times the has the sun rotate, legislative makes him a man, but in his mind he’s 5 years behind.
Mental progress of a heavy fortress ruins
his heavenly haven.
A step forward turn to a side setup toward a plunder-swamp.
In  his setting a corner room where he’s liberated free to roam the www.ild at his pace.
Family whom come to visit only to hide their true intentions of company.
A hierarchy of last names to enter a prefix have no value towards him.
Just his liberation.
I hope everyone is doing  well
If it isn’t my day, then tomorrow will rain
But before today, before my smile came
It’s your ray, beaming through all decay
So before today, in the land of memories is where you came.
Take me by surprise, through the water of my eyes, You lay.
Beam some joy, bring us hope that tomorrow you won’t go away.
Time is going to show us all how much we missed our fallen ones.
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