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galaxyofentities Jan 2019
Holding back tears with a straining smile
I speechlessly waved goodbye.
And now i think of you hopelessly
learning a thirst that cannot be quenched
a craving that eats you away like a venom.
As i type out this poem late at night
i begin to realize
There are pain in the world that leaves you helpless
and in that helplessness, I learn love in its full force.
Debanjana Saha Aug 2018
Missing you
In bits and pieces
Wholly would
like to miss you
More than this.

May be someday!
Feeling the joy and pain at the same time.
Its so pure in the beginning. Cannot understand how to console oneself with the same joy :)
Allie Dotson Aug 2018
Time is gone
It's not that simple when you simply visit
There's not much thought when you think of them again
A glimpse is a look but only momentarily
And it's only a days time when they come to see you once more
You know they'll be tomorrow
And for days after that full of sorrow
You'll never even be happy the time came back
For you know soon it will be gone just as she was before
Katryna Jul 2018
May mga lugar tayo na mahirap sa atin ang balikan
Minsan malayo,
Minsan maulan,
Madalas walang oras.
Pero kailangan natin puntahan.

                 Ilan lang yan sa mga rason na mas gusto ko nalang isipin
                 Para madaling magdahilan.
                 Pero kapag puso ang tumawag,
                 Kalinga ang nangailangan
                 Pag unawa ang nais maging hantungan.

Iniisip ko,
Ano ba ang dahilan bakit mahirap balikan.
Binabalik ako sa katotohanang,
Wala na.

                                     Wala na ang tao sakin na madalas maghanap.
                                          Madalas mangamusta.
                                              Madalas­ magsabing magpataba ka.
                 Ang kahit kelan hindi ako tinuring na iba,
                 Kahit kailangan na.

                                          Marahil ito nga.

Dinadala ako sa ibang direksyon,
Sa ibang tahanan,
Sa tahananang walang ibang tao.
Sa tahanang hindi ko na maririnig ang tinig mo.
Hindi ko na mahahawakan ang malambot at mapagkalinga **** braso.
Wala na ang biro, tawa at masigla **** tinig na nagpapaingay ng paligid.

                                        Marahil ito nga,

Bumubungad sakin ang isang kahon ng alala
Na sa pag ihip na lang ng hangin ko maradarama.
At sa ganda na lang ng paglubog ng araw ko na lang makikita.

Ang mga tinago kong munting ala-ala
In loving memory of Mr. Wally Nocon, I know you know how much I miss you. Sana :) Nakakarating naman ung mga message ko diba?, sipag nga po ng messenger ko eh :)
Finnick Jun 2018
Even though you’re long gone,
And I’m stuck in my head,
Trying to move on.
I still think of you,
And I still miss you.
I’m still waiting, but you haven’t come.
I’ve slowly started to realize...
That you’re not coming.
And that this is where it all comes to an end.
I miss you, I miss you.
I’m sorry once again...
If you miss someone... I guess this is the poem for you?¿
Azumi Rabulan Jun 2018
One day, three autumns.

That's how slow time becomes

when I miss someone that I love.
ash Apr 2018
Meeting you was like drizzle on a sunlit day. When the rays of that big ball of fire up there meet with the opaque droplets of acid shooting down upon the mere ground. A rainbow lit up the sky and I thought I could call you mine but then slowly and suddenly the colours disintegrated into the sky and as soon as the rainbow disappeared you were nowhere to be found. The clouds filled with grey appeared and my heart sank into the pit of my stomach because I knew you weren't ever coming back.
b Mar 2018
i don't want to
that's why i'll always
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