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Alexis May 21
You want my body and
I just want some of your time
But you have none to give and its left me in a
Feeling trapped in myself and can’t unwind.
So I push myself so hard trying to use the grind, as some sort of outlet, but let me tell you- it’s just not enough

Lights on
Lights off
Lights out
I’m out, of my mind, out of reasons to continue to live on- this way
Way out
Out there somewhere
I’ll find the time to bring myself back down to
Where I can love
And still be mine.
Quarter of a century down
Still trapped in the same old world
A world of part time jobs and no benefits
Of living with our parents
And hearing about millennial privilege.
The privilege of working our ***** off
And having nothing to show for it
The privilege of not going to the doctor
Because we can't afford to get sick
The privilege of hearing how we're killing industries
Because we've found better ways to spend our time
The privilege of knowing one in 3 of us has been molested in our lifetime
And knowing most of them don't believe us.
The privilege of participation awards
But knowing the difference between winning and dying
Because we can't afford basic medications
The privileges of being 25.
nja Jan 8
Plaits in theory seem to hold the threads of your hair together so tightly. But they’re loose, tangled, fragile creations that with one sudden misplaced head turn consequently fall apart.
Plaits are relatable.
What a disgusting metaphor she thought as she continued to plait her hair now in tears.
Quite a playful, ridulous bit of nothing. It reflects how my thought process quickly deteriorates. I feel the ending echos millenial disgust. The name is derrived from the Hunger Games.
Dirk Salimus Jul 2018
My generation is cruel and hopeless
It is impossible that
We could change that perspective
We can't do something with that mindset

There's no way!

We're toxic,
We're separated,
We're chaotic,
I doubt that
There's still droplet of hope.
We can do something.
jerelii Jun 2018
The evolution of our era
called it millenial
bright colors, wild, free
it’s unpredictable
though wide variations of collection
could find their different angles;
picture memories
you’ve witnessed
it in moving dreams
of hope
through the new clique of it’s statuses
update here in a single minute,
second or hour
We can’t suspect how big
is the impact of social media;
technology that we’ve been
attached in our whole life
do we really need to breathe
in this kind of level
of revolution?
I use a 5 random word generator see if I could write a poetry out of this five words.

It’s been a long time since I write here
Joshua Haines Sep 2017
The yuppies are by the
  Cotto Café, asking those
not to call them hipsters.
  An auburn feminist drinks
Mexican blend, black, while
  reading Margaret Atwood.

I gave up smoking, I say,
  about a month ago.
No one really listens, which
  I sometimes find comforting.

After I walk my isolation off,
  I stumble into a Taco Bell;
one of those hybrids: this time
  KFC. The cashier is curly in the
way that broken legs are curly.
  Her eyes are green but I dare
not objectify her, I hope I don't
  say out loud, because I fear
nothing more than being

Construction loudly stutters
  and cars squeak and shush.
On this griddle of a sidewalk,
  I feel alone. Vehicles vroom
while I stand silent, a monument
  to my generation.
Carl Velasco Aug 2017
When we lose
There comes to be a reversal process;
a rapid prototype souped into bitten rhythm.
And then you collide, like
light particles melting film to form
some replica of an inner war. What is it
about trying; what does attempt do –
Pacify? Resize? Boost the morale
of twentysomethings clinging
to past participles like the sting of a bee?
What can you do to stop the ache
of feeling like ****? What is there to grasp
when no light appears?
But then a day comes.
It’s all fine, with friends, with music, with
anything other than self-flagellation.
At which point I fight the fight not to stay
a mere summary.
Amy Perry Aug 2016
We are a generation,
Indeed, a nation,
Raised upon foreign warring.
Scapegoat aggravation.
Bushes and *****
Clamoring for horror and hoarding.

Conspiring against a population,
I watch through youthful aging.
With my childlike eyes, I see
The target they're blaming:
Afghan families having more
in common with me,
Working class American,
Than those transparent heirs
With the world's wealth and arrogance,
Ordering for the villagers' obliteration
Through boys from our nation.

We are a generation raised
On media sensation
Of militarized devastation;
Animal exploitation;
Technological manifestations
Providing privacy infiltration.
Material attainments;
Mental frustrations;
Fiat debt enslavement;
A nation entranced by
Senseless parading.

Tempting decadence and
Announcements with no evidence.
The September bounty of edifice
That fell with no hesitance
Still echo its unfounded,
Preemptive pretenses.

This murderous reign;
this senseless parade;
Advertisement cyclical
in their game of charades;
Dog on a chain;
Famine causing no pain.
Permissible opinions
To be solely maintained.

The damage, the waste,
The heinous race and class chase.
Oppression remains thoughtlessly dangerous,
As moral responsibility brings no attainments.
Chowing down on maimed millions
Bellowing from enslavement.

Fortunately, elder,
Rothschild, Rockefeller, or
Those above them whom
Remain blackened, faceless:
Resistance shall come
From all places, all ages.
Such as this generation of mine
Inheriting increasing complications,
With the type of America
You wish to keep in rotation.

I'll carry the flag containing
Your mistakes as a symbol,
To remind those behind me
What not to rekindle.

To the Boomer who stews
In your white collar suit,
Still refusing to shake
Your destructive pursuit,
Still asking me to lick
Off authority's boot:

Growing up in this nation,
With childhood innocence,
I grew increasingly aware
Of the land of such ignorance.
I had such thoughts since
Early adolescence,
I was not blind to larger lessons.
Only since supported by
Actual, factual supported confessions.

To the Boomer tied to his convictions,
Now will you see-
That isn't going to work
For us or for me.
I'll bring to this world
Whatever I please.
Which so happens to be
Truth, justice, and peace.
Sincerely, the Millenials
Mae Dec 2015
The world ******* hates us.
We whine for a living
We feed ourselves with Xanax and Prozac
To remind the world that we are broken
Problem? I don't think so

We accuse the world of being awful
We accuse life, a life we have not lived yet
Of being too cruel when we are the ones
Who cut ourselves open for a heart we long to love

We look for the kiss that will heal our self inflicted injuries
Well, dear millenial, "there is no tyrant like a brain"
We will keep cutting ourselves
Keep drinking ourselves to sleep
Keep poisoning our mind with this "Golden Age Thinking"
Until we understand that
We are stuck here.

And life does not need to be good to us
Life owes us nothing.
Poetry and Paintings won't save the world.
Do it yourself
Try to see my point of view and sorry for cursing
JM Romig Apr 2014
hiding in plain sight
a moonflower in full bloom
gotta share this -click-

hey there, i am a
buddhist existentialist
ask me anything

the little bird shouts
in a sea of other birds
all we hear is -tweet-

the oldest known song
carved on a lover's tombstone
- pretty much YOLO
NaPoWriMo 26/30

— The End —