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if i could i would feel nothing
that's the truth and i don't care

I lied when I said that I wanted nothing at all.
Took a pill
Another pill.
& Another down the drain.

it's okay i wanted that
no feelings no strings attached

Was it even an option
Was it laid out in plain sight
Was it even worth the energy
To put up a fight.

february  weather's scary
i need notes on how to live

You told me what you knew
About the laws of attraction
Got the truth
No satisfaction.

mix prescriptions bad decisions
world is cold and life's not fair*

Feel my bones ache
Jaw inflamed
Grinding teeth
& Gears in my head.
Mike Louisseize Jun 2016
It's a fact of life that we'll laugh and fight
Get stabbed right in the back, so then you grab a knife
Miss the past, the vice, habits that you had to bite
Balancing the sadness with this pen, can I grasp the light?
Acting passive like no pain is really seeping through
But I guess there's reasons I've barely been sleeping too
I hear your name and feel it's scary, can't believe the truth
I feel insane, go solitary then start feeling blue
Keeping to myself as if I'm found in that demon's hell
Wrath keeps on mocking me, I'm drowning in a weeping well
Wishing I was walking free but bound inside the evil's spell
Feeling like I'm falling, Lee's recounting how the bleeding felt
You see, MIC watched as the people yelled
Says he wants to paint a picture but the easel fell
Lately I'll complain as the sinner in the mirror swells
Askin' "Why can't God can make a scripture like the steeple's bell?"
Deer in the headlights, I ended up in the ditch
Went for love, left questioned what it even is
Fear that my head's right, I bent the wrongs to a grin
Mental drugs, rest threatened such would leave me stiff
If you believe in this, I'm saying I believe in you
You don't need a noose, escape it and just breathe as you
Try to find the two U's inside the I
Try to find the truth's glue, it binds the pie
Just take your fist and raise it to the sky
If you have a wish, well then today you won't be crucified
Seed to grow the fruit, pineal of the nuclei
Freedom so that you get the people here to unify
Mike Louisseize Jun 2016
Everybody's lacking confidence
Everybody's just a slave to the banking's dominance
Everybody's backing arguments
Everybody's in a maze of ever-ranking documents
Everybody's wanting paradise
Everybody's facing hate and then responding scared of life
Everybody's falling, paralyzed
Everybody's hesitating when they see a haunting pair of eyes
They're always drinking on the victim's blood
Their rain's got me thinking that existence rusts
We should be shouting that "the system's ******!"
Now, stop the doubting, let resistance flood...
Everybody's seeming blinded
Everybody's blighted, everybody's teaching me a virus
Everybody's seeking eyelids
'cause when it comes to really being
They ain't seeing through their iris
Everybody's mind is stuck in the end
Everybody's lied, and then were judging a friend
Everybody's cried and then said "**** it, I'm dead"
Everybody's died, I bet they're loving the dread
Everybody's heard the story
Everybody's missing when they're on the search of Dory
Everybody's sure they're sorry
Everybody's wishing they could find the worth of glory
Everybody's been through hardship
We peer through the glass of a see-through market
Lately I'm thinking that I've been too modest
'cause they want me in a cage, so I speak zoo knowledge
Ha - who's calling me? 2Pac and B.I.G, 'cause we're dying to live
Who's calling me? 2Pac and B.I.G., 'cause we're dying to live
I'm just trying to give back, that line is a zig zag
I want some food for thought but all I find is a big mac
Deep in your head's where they mine with a pickaxe
Claiming we have freedom but they silence the chit chat
I'm simply thinking we should bridge the cut
Instead of always sinkin 'cause the distance was
Shorter than we thought to keep persistence up
So join me when I say that the systems ******
Mike Louisseize Jun 2016
Way back, way back
Rewind time like a VHS
Way back, way back
Yesterday was feeling stressed
Today I am feeling changed
Things don't have to be the same
Way back, way back
I feel just like a kid again
Walk around the world with wonder in my eyes
From the darkness I emerged, you would love it if you tried
You've got to accentuate the positive
We're all gods and goddesses
Never falling off, 'cause we're on top of it
Watched the topic shift quick from an obelisk
To talkin' shhh, I don't really get why people follow it
'cause last night - I had an epiphany
The ambrosia full of life we can grab, no hostility
Way back, way back, see I was really free
But as the days past, gained masks like I was shielding me
Now there is no fear in me, I'm way back revering Lee
I don't **** a beat - I pick it up, it's healing me
Now I only deal in peace, surrendered to my dying wish
To just be climbing higher, Mike - remember how you livened it
Likened to the older you, both in the past and what's to pass
And what's to pass? It wasn't bad, I know this 'cause I'm coming back
Hard to be the chosen when you're lost in awfully deep emotion
Prophecies unspoken, walking tokens, ought to see awoken
Qualities unfrozen, brought to motion harmonies and woven
All this in a piece, no apologies for being open
Calling pleas, you know him as a quiet kid, who tried to spit
Might have tripped a couple times, but that's alright, I write to live
Mic is gripped tight in my fist, I've got my own back
Own path, own goals, no wrath, all soul
Mike Rollain May 2016
Spoken word video of my poem "Ever Changing"
Mike Rollain May 2016
On the eve of her rebirth and
For the first time in months
I looked up to the stars
And caught her final
Senescent smile
A culmination
Of hysteria
And hope
new moon blues
Mike Rollain May 2016
Its fire is a beacon
An alarmingly bright disruption

I'd grown numb to the constants

Burned by discovery
I'd retreated into comfort

But even as I adhered to these tired laws
She was examining them

Splitting them apart and transforming them
Every action with hot determination

I feared for her demise
As if it had already taken place

But she is not the spacial divide
Her wounds will cool with time

She is never fully discovered

And space is not the same as distance
The end is never the end

There is no such change as death
Only the subtlest shift in time

And a choice to see her through it
Mike Rollain Apr 2016
Morality thrives
In choices derived; beware
False dichotomy

Destiny denied
Bright, painted constellations
Burn with wounded pride

Clouds collide, falling
From scorched skies, calling my name
Scream, shriek, shout -- in vain

Dawn wakes, breaks, explodes
Extinguishing flames within
Gravity? Defied

I've never believed
In stars, the fire burns within
Defiance, freedom

Ad hoc clarity
Moments of serenity
So existential
Written separately. I thought they belonged together, and so here they are, together.
Mike Rollain Apr 2016
Morality thrives
In choices derived; beware
False dichotomy
Mike Rollain Apr 2016
Ad hoc clarity
Moments of serenity
So existential
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