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Jan 2018
I wanna get to know you.
The real you,
The you that doubts herself every time she looks into the mirror and just sees scars.
Open up that fragile side of you, I'm yearning to understand it's ins and outs.
I wanna know the parts you don't show those idiots and fools.
The ones who don't listen to your spirit move.
They claim to love you but do they know in which direction your soul will inevitably move at the sound of your favourite tune?
I too may be classified as a one of em fools, but truth truthfully speaking I'm in tune with the tune that's sets your soul on fire.
I've spent split seconds of each day trying to work out how much of myself to sacrifice to you in order to see or hear you smile.
See I can hear it when you smile, you try to hide it so well but there's a sound you let out and oh God,my God even though I have not yet found it's definition but I'm quite certain my existence is somehow intensely complete when I hear it.
Can we get our melodies in tune?, forgive me Im guilty for liking your groove.
Dare I say your heart beat takes me to the moon, yours is the only rhythm I hear in any room.  
Every time you smile I hear angels sing, you have no idea the joy your voice brings.
Your silence isn't my peace, give me your melody so our hearts can sync.
Keep me content by interlocking our souls,
I exist for you, whether you know it or not, I'm whole and at peace at the thought of you.
Don't end the rhythm please speak, make a sound or just sigh.
You make my heart feel like it's stuck in the sky
Let me in, make me whole
Let me write a song for your soul.
I want us to embody the perfect verse, I want your body please forgive my thirst.
Was written by Michael and Siphumelele...
Written by
Siphumelele  F/South Africa
(F/South Africa)   
     Red and NuBlaccSoul
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