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Planejane2 Jul 20
(Un)official Girl. I’m stressed
I’m gonna hold you duress
Because I made a mess
And showed you the pains of my bed
Don’t worry about what I said
That **** was all in my head
I never want to lead
To lead you down the wrong path
I’m the bubbles to your bath
Anything you had, it’s what you have.
I wanna make you laugh
Let’s not circle back,
I got your back.
Touch and fill and close every crack.
Tell me baby...
Are you down with that??
mitus May 2018
Your shapes are my colors,
and you don't understand,
Your eyes send me wonders,
Like a robot, I have you scanned.

Your voice booms like thunder,
You have everything pre-planned,
You sing like my mother,
So beautiful and grand.

I love you like no other,
Follow and take my hand,
I swear I'll show you colors,
As your shapes will understand.
Timothy Mar 2018
Hide me,
I am not important.
You will only remember me when I want to be remembered
Write these inconsistent words.
To remind you I exist in your world.
Don’t hide it, never deny it.
But let me tell you this,
I hope you desire not to erase us.
Cause, maybe one day
You would want to relive it once again.
dedicated to my friend who started those first 3 lines of the poem
PL McGroarty Dec 2017
Dear Mae Sai,
You’ve been a hard pill to swallow.
Downward gazes and inside jokes.
Farang, farang.
Little pointing fingers followed by a wave of giggles as my floor-length dress with the slit down the side blows wild in the breeze,
trying to contain my runaway drapery,
maintain modesty in a border town where summer dresses don’t fly.
A voice cautions from the inside:
"You’re not in the islands anymore dear one.."

Om Namah Shivaya
I murmur steadily to myself repelling thoughts of “I just want to go home.”
There is no home, not outside in the physical world at least.
This here is a recurring theme.
Now I’m really traveling.
How dislocated will you become before you eliminate outside chatter,
and go to work paving the temple solace inside yourself,
the eternal home within the eternal om,
the exterior is irrelevant.

Oh Mae Sai,
soot and smoke bellow up from your belly
placing masks on the mountains at your back,
your wretched reflection glows unforgiving in the street.
Glorious, unpainted authenticity.

**** the farangs, they’re just passing through.
Smile til my face hurts,
it mostly makes no difference,
and then when I’m feeling so unwanted that I can’t hold back the tears,
you throw me curve ***** with every passing street.

A little Burmese babe with the brightest smile
still unsure of how fast her feet will carry her,
she dashes to my right and with the smacking sound of her lips
and the grace of her palm she blows me a kiss.

Thank you sweet one,
that’s just what I needed…
*'Farang' means 'foreign/foreigner' in Thai, derived from 'farangsayt,' which means 'French.'

During a failed visa run in 2016 I found myself stuck on the border of Thailand and Myanmar for several days in Mae Sai waiting for the Thai immigration office to reopen. It was uncomfortable and I cried for hours one day just sitting alone on a stoop, watching people struggle to make ends meet, very few people cracked a smile-- but the whole experience was incredibly therapeutic
Serafeim Blazej Sep 2016
Minha mãe sempre me contou a mesma história
De como Narcissus quebrou Drinick
Porque nem sempre o amor é suficiente
Ás vezes ele só causa dor

Narcissus foi o primeiro amor de Drinick
A primeira verdadeira paixão
Drinick foi o único amigo de Narcissus
Durante longos verões e todo o resto do tempo

Narcissus nunca chorou
Nem quando sentiu dor
Drinick nunca desacreditou
Nem quando chegou ao fundo do poço

Então Narcissus quebrou Drinick
Em pedaços tão pequenos
Que ninguém seria capaz de consertá-lo
E ninguém nunca consertou

Minha mãe sempre me contou a mesma história
De como Narcissus quebrou Drinick
Porque nem sempre o amor é suficiente
Ás vezes ele só causa dor

Narcissus se foi e nunca mais voltou
Drinick ficou e nunca mais correu
A história dos dois morreu
No dia em que Narcissus quebrou

Minha mãe sempre me disse
Nunca seja como Narcissus
Que perdeu tudo o que tinha
E nunca seja como Drinick
Que foi deixado sem nada

Minha mãe sempre me contou a mesma história
De como Narcissus quebrou Drinick
Porque nem sempre o amor é suficiente
Ás vezes ele só causa dor

Eu já fui Narcissus
E já tive meu Drinick
Mas a história se repetiu
Minha mãe sempre me disse

Quando Narcissus quebrou Drinick
Uma jovem lua pairava no céu
Naquela noite as estrelas não apareceram
E todas elas se apagaram do olhar de ambos
História e canção também.
Fazia parte de uma história e é sobre dois personagens importantes dela.

("Narcissus and Drinick")
Jordan Rains Jul 2016
A poem she wrote touched my heart a lot.
Next day we talked- poetry brought us close.
Getting to know her was more than fun I thought.
Every poem she wrote is a beautiful prose.

Love the way she writes her life as poetry.
A wife, a mother, and a coffee nut- that is she.
Maybe she's a godsend to make a poet free.
Angel from MinneSNOWta! Stay forever, Please agree!

Every day we talked and a nice friend I got.
By the way, let me tell you I have a lot of flaws.
Unknown to me, yet she cared a lot.
Rope she threw, gave hope & brought us close.

Now she is my good friend, I love her for that.
Even though we never met, she's always in my heart.
This friendship we have will live even after we depart.
This is for you, Angela! I'm thinking how you're gonna react.
It's Serendipitous. Lol!
This is for my friend Angela Mae. Thank you! (:
Mae Lahlee Oct 2014
I wish that I could yell out to the world
Without anyone hearing.

And I wish that I could stare at the stars
Until I had time to count them

Mostly I wish I could bottle this feeling
Of contentment that I get
From the knowledge of life's
most greatest moments.

— The End —