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Maria Mitea Mar 2021
the body of the world dies slowly under the blue sky,
- ants are also in competition with death,
they recycle their ***** in plastic bags,
sunflower seeds chew their own shell,
the sun dies slowly on terra”s body pierced by white worms.
Victor Marques Nov 2020
Noites de amor e canto suave de aves em manhas cristalinas,
Nasci com o encanto  de areias do mar sempre finas.
A meus pais eu vou sempre agradecer,
Com seu amor sempre viver...
Quando eu nasci olhando o rio com olhos meios fechados,
Senti o cheiro das flores dos meus antepassados,
Grato a todos os seres que estavam ali para me ver nascer,
Amando salgueiros do ribeiro que corre por correr...

Quando eu nasci protegido por Deus e sua Igreja,
Lirios campestres que a natureza sempre proteja.
Alma divina que em minha  vida logo entrou,
Sorrir com inocência e carinho sim senhor,
Tudo pelo desejo de DEUS criador.
As estrelas do céu  comigo estavam em harmonia,
Ansiava viver, ver a luz do dia,
Nasci para ser amor, vida, alegria...

Nasci perdido nesses horizontes durienses avermelhados,
Sem ideia do mundo, nem de todos os seres criados,
Nem que havia uma eternidade onde iria regressar,
Nasci para tudo amar e contemplar...
Deus deu me o corpo para minha alma aperfeiçoar,
Deus deu me tudo, a terra , o céu , o mar....
Lydia Apr 2018
The graffiti on the bathroom stalls has been blotted out by butterflies
The world is taking back it's body
Bringing back old fashioned Roman  concrete to fill in all the cracks

She's taken apart the locks just in case something beautiful got trapped inside
Every safe is a time capsule
Curiosity isn't dangerous anymore

Every time she took a step, the air shuddered
The soles of her shoes grew roots and flew away
She was humming and fixing things as she went with just the soothing sound of her sanity
Her soul leeching out like an ethereal mechanic

There were wishing flower seeds mixed in with the strawberries she was picking
I think when she ate them, she became holy
Her hands stroked the wind as they fell to her sides,
Like running her fingers through horse hair

At first, she made the mistake of falling in love with elevator buttons
Up, or down, one or the other, in constant motion
When they cut her open, she bled ivy
She invaded their circuitry and rotted their robotic
She showed them alive and showed them the door

She didn't understand wildfires
She knew passion only by its name,
Only by the monuments, by the mountains, and trenches
By the continents drifting like ice in lemonade
"You can't ruin this," she said

And if this is what burnt out looks like,
Imagine what will happen when the meteor hits
Or the bombs go off, or the oceans flood
This isn't a project we can procrastinate on
These are our wide open spaces and final frontiers

See, the world is taking her body back
Bandaging the scars we left,
Quietly, behind us, when we aren't looking
She's reinventing herself
Just like a garden,
Just like a caterpillar,
Just like a star we couldn't give up on
And we're all standing here, shouting, "We can change-"
We can change.
I don't talk about the environment very often. I think it's difficult to write about. This was inspired when I saw some graffiti in our school bathroom so crude and ****** and awful that I almost cried. Our school either doesn't know, doesn't care, or can't afford to paint over it. It's been there for months. So I imagined sticking paper butterflies all over it until you couldn't see it anymore. It reminded me of all those places where nature won and turned parking lots into jungles. It's beautiful.

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Diána Bósa Nov 2017
Entombing the scream
into my body to hide
the banshee
for the sake of guarding
this terra incognita;
the peacetime of ours.
Vexren4000 May 2017
Rivers of pristine water,
Flow through the eddies of my mind,
Dragging with them in the silt,
Memories of places past.
Moments faded away.
The sand brings with it,
A sense of longing,
As I recall,
All of the friends lost,
To the flow of time,
And the cruelty of aging.

Vexren4000 Apr 2017
Then terraces of long gone estates,
Amalgamated with the trees and ground,
Being absorbed by nature,
assimilated back into,
The woods from whence it came.


— The End —