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Timothy Jan 29
She's a normal girl for all we know
She's lonely and weak, for all we know
She reads all day, for all we know
She is evil, someone said so

She leave whenever she feel
she hides whenever she fear
she all that we thin
she is evil, so we speak

rather than loving
she choose reading
she spend her time learning new things
she is evil, evil within

years had pass, she had a dream
a dream of escaping this poem they built
she's trap, lonely, and feared
she has no idea what she did

oh she prayed
to the god that doesn't exist
she pray hard, hoping for a miracle
a miracle for her to be free
uhh.. I wasn't thinking straight when I wrote this but yeah. enjoy
Timothy Aug 2018
Love is seeing the entire universe in your honey-colored eyes.
Love is the warm, fuzzy, lingering feeling when your hand brushes mine.
Love is the butterflies I feel in my stomach each time I see you, with your hands on your pockets, a small smirk tugging on your lips.
Love is the soft sound of your breathing when we are engulfed by the silence of the room, reading books, sitting quietly.
Love is everything I needed and more.

Love is you.

Your smiles, your lips, your scent, mixed together make my knees go weak and the world go round.
You are a roller coaster ride.
You make me feel scared, but excited and happy all at the same time.
You are a drug, intoxicating and wonderful and dangerous, yet you make me feel safe and sound.
You make me see things, beautiful things that I have never seen before.
You make me feel every possible emotion that anyone could ever feel.
You are art, beautiful and incomprehensible.
You are a puzzle that needs to be solved, a mystery that needs to be unraveled.
You are everything that my eyes can see, the only one who can make my heart flutter.

You are love.
Love is free falling, like how I am with you. Love is meeting you. Love is the moments that we shared every night, gazing at the stars and wishing for always. Love is you making me feel loved. Love is everything that I feel for you. I am, and will always be in love with you. I love you.
  Jun 2018 Timothy
you have the formula

A Love Poem Recipe:
  Fij = G(Mi x Mj)/Dij.

This formula, simplified, means that trade between two markets will equal the size of the two markets multiplied together and then divided by their distance.
(The model gets its name from its mathematical similarity to the equation in physics that describes gravitational pull.)


long ago, swore off
the love poem business.
lying that this
the last poem ever published

moan not,
statistically, for sure be
a heart-infected sick teenager
bemoaning/high fiving
their  fated status
but I don't need to add to
that smoldering pile

the excellence, the richness,
the virtuosity
of the formula
a metaphor,
for the bounty and the risk,
in any love affair, thus love needy
for a diagrammed explication

two markets, soft upon each other,
multiply their trade in love and kisses

can you kiss her (him) but once?

saying I love you
but once a day,
like it was a vitamin,

no, love expands like a gas
(a distant cousin to our formula),
filling in the empty spaces,
escaping through crevices,
spilling, oft filling up
the nearby bystanders

in love,
there is no thing as
one touch clicking
but one touch
reveals the genetic marker,
the initial intimacy injection

Let the addiction begin!

ten thousand grasps,
some soft, some hard,
upon each other,
till fingers go lifelong contented numb

desire and affection spread like a
positive infection,
the curative powers
but never prosaic and though
think more
voltaic and paradisiac

electric heaven

go forth and scribe
you got the secret

uncovered and recovered from the X file today

and found the short version  as well
The Last Poem Ever Writ
the last poem ever writ
by the dimming light of virtuality
and the laws of statistical probability,
shall surely be,
a teenager wail and bemoaning,
of a lost love yet smoldering,
a chest pain ember peaking,
then fire forever, last glow eliminated

who can weigh the greater apocalypse,
tragedy that none will remain
to glean and savor this last fling,
or that worldly existence has come to end
Timothy Jun 2018
A bouquet of roses, thorns preventing my grip

Blood flows down my hands, seemingly like the beauty of a sunken ship

The unknown awaits me, does it hide a treasure

A risk I have to take between the pain and the pleasure

Thy eyes that are so cold hide a passionate fire

A person with an unfathomable beauty I admire

So strong yet so frail Thousands of mysteries yet to unveil
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Timothy Jun 2018
Cut the strings you’ve tied with her,

Love the person you wish to see

She was an emblem of life’s certainty

The girl you left for thee

You spoiled yourself

With too much of what you need

You gave her enough rope to hang herself

Just for your pain to heave
notes taken... this was a work of my co-student which was given to me as a comfortable message... (i guess )
  Jun 2018 Timothy
Ashly Kocher
I can't believe it's been this long
13 years since you have been gone
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you
And treasure the memories we have of you
Even though you were gone before we said "I do"
I still consider you my family too
My father in law you will always be
Forever and always will be with me
Timothy Jun 2018
In the sea of stars where wishes come true
The night sky painted with white purple and blue
I grasp them and hope to never let go
A silent place with no despair or sorrow

Journey with no care for destination
Only filled with memories of happy occasions
Alas, those stars are far far away
A perfect world where dreams come into play

Look up at the starry night sky
Fantasizing the feeling of wanting to fly
No pain, suffering wound or scars
All of these to be found in the sea of stars
sharing one of my friends poetry. Thank you Ric
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