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OC Nov 2019
What’s small, is small
what’s big, is big
and all that’s in-between
is also, either small, or big
never both

But isn’t it strange?
for a louse that strolls our head
the scalp kisses the horizon
whilst for us, each brow is arched
and the earth we travel, is flat
but not for Atlas, which from above
see’s that it is curved, while his shoulders
carry the infinite plane that is, ironically
a celestial sphere
which pushes this conundrum
all the way up to god
and possibly beyond

And all things are small
and all things are big
always both thing
never in-between

Thus, we should strive to remember
when the world is heavy on our shoulders
how small, it really is
and how the universe is hidden
in the tiniest of details

And then there’s us, amidst
duality of no, and every, thing
a cusp
of zero, and infinity
20th installment in this series of poems inspired by physics. This is also the last poem in this series, as 20 is the goal I set to myself when starting this project. I am pleased to say that I indeed manged to bind all of those as a small book (containing both the english, and my native tongue versions of these poems) which I intend to give as a present to my scientific mentor.
This has been a long journey, and quite a project to accomplish since it was mainly done on my spare time. I hope that you, the readers, got to share some of my enthusiasm for the field of physics - and that it sparked the curiosity for at least some of you.

Thoughts and comments are as always welcome
OC Nov 2019
am the sum of my parts
and my parts
some add to myself
others remove
some too narrow to contain
others as broad as daylight
or rare
or silent
my ups, my downs
all lines that coalesce
to form my image

are the sum of your parts
but those are, after all
the same parts
different only in
frequency and amplitude
details, and elements of character
that infinitely accumulate

Same lines
and still
you are more fine
19th installment in this series of poems inspired by physics. Absolutely love this one actually. The Fourier transform is a very general, very powerful mathematical tool in physics.
For further reading see:
And a beautiful video by 3blue1brown:

Thoughts and comments are welcome
OC Nov 2019
The world is speckled
pairs and pairs of soulmates
those torn from one another
even before they first encountered

Some are separated by a single step
others share daylight
only when the sun rise or set
yet each one calls the other
and their lament is carried on
a somber song
thickening the air
rising, falling, interfering
diluted and again reformed
into a cacophony of desperation
like Cicadas bustling at dusk
like flocks of birds that greet the dawn

Poor them
wondering to and fro
in this pining thicket
searching for a common song
blinded by longing
lying awake at night
aching the insulating gap
encompassed by the constant murmur
18th installment in this series of poems inspired by physics. Not particularly pleased with this one, but whatever.
For further reading on the physics:–Hückel_theory

Thoughts and comments are welcome
OC Oct 2019
I sometimes ponder
of a phone call that will never be
of silence stretching between two receivers
of a heavy sigh that exhales
years’ worth of air caged in the lungs

Yes, I’m still here
How have you been?
How is life?
How many laugh-lines did the corner of your eye accumulated?
How many past mistakes still drag around your tongue?
How many days since than have drained onto your windowsill?
How many nights were spent sleeping at the foot open front-gates?

Am I as you remember?
Are we where you imagined us to be
back then, some years ago
when both our paths diverged
when all we left behind
was dust and a sense of waste,
and a pair of phantom us, gazing onward
that shared the same time and space

Yes, I am here, but different
which may describe you too
no wonder, since passing time
kept kneading us like clay
and all our efforts to keep straight
were all for naught, we are astray

sometimes I still ponder
if thing did not transpire
if times unraveled could be wound up
and knotted, at that single point
then moving forward, just maybe
both of us were different now
but different altogether
For analogous "classical" results see: 17th Installment in this series of poems inspired by physics. This one is a bit different, as it is not inspired by a "classic" result in physics, but by my own research.
For analogous "classical" results see:

Thoughts and comments are always welcome
OC Sep 2019
Know from where you came
and to where you are going
and count each step along the way
but keep in mind, that steps
are not exclusive for the trail
and that your feet
crave the lush greenery of meadows
long for the caressing touch of seas
yearn for the embrace of freshly plowed soil

Do not be shy, indulge them
break often from the path
survey the land instead
bruise your toes on stubborn thistle
go back, and then continue forward
get lost, and lost again
with zeal reserved for pilgrims

And finally,
as you fall weary to your bed
the ache, and speckles of your blood
adorn your makeshift cot
sum up, all of your steps
and you might find
they total at the square length of your way
your journey was ideal
16th installment in the series of poems inspired by physics. One close to my heart, as it is relates to elegant and fascinating topic of polymer physics. For further reading:

Thoughts and comments are welcome
OC Sep 2019
We the people
are a Sisyphean collective
our punishment: progressing humanity

With fiery eyes  and frothing mouth
we charge towards  its surfaces
bashing those with scrawny shoulders
ricochet like sparks from flint
watch as we fall back
how it moves a fraction of a hair length
knowing that
if all our efforts were combined
surely, humanity would’ve accelerated

But we the people
are a democratic anarchy
each one to their own

Each thrusts towards their own direction
each blow is counterbalanced by another
as we foam like sea surf on a shoal
crushing from all sides
and our humanity
crawls in place amongst us

For we, the people
are a paradox of will
the driving, and the stalling force

Insignificantly small, with significant resistance
the viscous drag that ebbs and flows
a choreography of chaos and confusion
we are so many
so many more

And humanity is singular
a monument to our failures
its minuscule fluctuations
a testament of battles fought
but from a far, and from way forward
it is but a speck of dust
which, ever silent, floats
throughout the cosmos
15th installment in the series of poems inspired by physics. Like many of the poems in this series, this one also reflects on the richness of the phenomenon called "diffusion" or "brownian motion". For more reading:

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OC Sep 2019
Not the stillness
but the never-ending motion
not on the head of a pin
but in base of the broad basin
not a perfect evenness
but the wealth of variance

Not two opposing pebbles
laid on a lever atop a pivot
not a balance
like a train car
arriving at the station
where people board and disembark
while their total never changes

not good opposing evil
not black and white
or self against the other
the summation of the ins and outs
of all that simultaneously occur
when nothing ever happens
14th installment in this series of poems inspired by physics. For further reading:

Thoughts and comments are welcome
OC Sep 2019
The truth is
There’s always dishes to do
a floor to mop up
a phone call to make
food to cook
fences to paint
people to see
about a dog, about a cat

About a life
you never own up to
because of all the little hurdles
all the small achievements
you rake in your confined Zen garden
neatly piling skipping stones
as if boulders don’t exist outside
as if there’s no mountains that require scaling
as if the big issues
Who you are? Why you are? When will you be?
are not looming over in the distance
casting shadow in the twilight of your days

The truth is
all these notches on your belt
are the sum effort of your laying lows
the trophies for your standing stills
the “what if”s you stifle into the pillow
because you know the odds
never scale with the effort

Truth is
minimal struggle dictates the average
but you decide on the endeavor
blessed are the meek
for they shall inherit the barrens
13th installment in this series of poems inspired by physics (for details, read the first one in the series here: Shared this with a struggling friend recently, let him know we all struggle.

For more information:

Thoughts and comments are always welcome
OC Sep 2019
We are
superficial beings
densely packed on the fringe
of histories in contact.

We’re torn apart
by discord from within
and rush together
when pressure rises from outside,

The balance of the two
along with our emphatic bonds
encapsulates our collective ego
defines how full we are
of ourselves.
12th installment in the series of poems inspired by physics (see 1st installment for details). Further information:

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OC Aug 2019
As summer unfolds
the scent of dusty roads
urges us to roam
the succulent fig
the crimson mulberry
overcome the mother’s call
to scurry back for dinner

Instead, we scatter
like sheaf thrown to the wind
and there is nobody but us
in this unraveling earth
for we are
ones of a kind

When winter comes
frost kisses with its lips
the sills of our windows
its curling fingers
grips the air without a touch

Then, we slouch back
and huddle like a flock
of penguins in the Antarctic
seeping heat one onto another
waddling in circles
flowing as a whole
a collective race

From without inwards
from within back out
we are
together, and apart
11th installment in the series of poems inspired by physics (see first installment for background). For more information: (the introduction enough).

Thoughts and comments are always appreciated
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