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lilac 4d
the sky flourished with blue,
whistling winds intertwining with clouds,
threading through the paleness,
sitting there capturing the light embrace of yours.
an attempt to try to make it look somewhat like a cloud.
lilac 4d

it's your fault people are worried about me,

no, it's my fault, i asked,
but you answered,

the wrong answer,

not even a proper answer,

i feel so toxic, ***** in a way,

i miss you, i miss us,

i want to cry again,
im tired of holding it in,

it hurts
lilac Nov 21
i listen and help all the time,
i struggle to find solutions to problems that aren't even mine,

i hug and i comfort them,
i make those who feel like crumpled pieces of paper smooth again,

i laugh and i make them smile,
i make people smile and make their work feel worthwhile,

i keep my accomplishments hidden,
i make them feel special, talented, many compliments given,

i don't share my own problems,
i make other people not have to worry about me, let them blossom,
why is it that i can't seem to be selfish?
i can't seem to tell or share, it makes me feel like i'm attention seeking.
lilac Nov 21
late night drives,
cold, warm,
wet, dry,
safe, happy,
alone together,

late night drives,
music loud,
laughing, love,
rain falls,
feelings felt,

late night drives,
gotten later,
colder, darker,
so much darker,
now, everything's gone.
lilac Nov 13
why can't i stop ruining it for everyone?

why can't i just **** it up and deal with it like everyone else?
lilac Nov 13
who is this?
who is she?
who are they?
i don't know this person,
i don't look like that do i?
my arms, my stomach,
my hair, my face, my thighs,
what is it all?
why don't i look okay for once?

it isn't fair,
not fair at all,
i'm fed up of trying to look pretty,
fed up of meeting standards,
my body is keeping my heart beating,
is capable of carrying and nursing a child,
my body is amazing and that'll never change,

even if my clothes are tight,
even if my face doesn't look like theirs,
even if i can't wear the same things,
even if my skin is darker than theirs,
even if i can't pull off the same hair cut they do,

i am me,
i am myself,
i am here to show what i am capable of,
and no-one, no matter how hard they try, will stop me,
i am beautiful,

we are all beautiful.

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