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Time has passed since the first time I saw her,
There more I looked, she seemed to look better.
Didn't have the courage to tell her this long,
Mustered all of it and now I'm portraying it in a song.

When I'm with her all I get is good vibes,
She's too beautiful, too much to describe.
To get this girl there's nothing I wouldn't offer,
Days pass by yet I cannot take my eyes of her.
But there's one thing that I still can't see,
Like how I look at you I wish you look at me.

Sleepless nights, meaningless fights, being in spotlights, loveless love bites,
And much more I have done in this world,
But what more do I need to do to get the girl?

Somewhere down the line,
When everything's fine,
I may forget everything,
But I'll always wish you were mine.

I cannot wait for any longer so gotta say this before I realise some other dreams of mine,
Hopefully after this poem every night together we can dine.
I know I ain't even close to perfect, there's every talent that I lack,
But I'll love you for life,
Would you love me back?
All the people in this world who've had a crush and haven't  expressed it, you gotta take courage and speak up because you'll only regret the opportunities you didn't take. heart beating hard,
My mind going crazy. . .

That outfit, those heels,
My mind going crazy. . .

How do I contain this?

How do I stop it? heart beating hard,
My mind going crazy. . .

That outfit, those heels,
My mind going crazy. . .

How do I work?

How can I think...

Without you in my life? heart beating hard,
My mind going crazy. . .

Crazy For You

crazy over you
That outfit, those heels,
My mind going crazy. . .
crazy over
-* you. *-
bri Jul 2018
the look you gave me
when we first met
it was like you
knew me more
than anyone I've
ever known.
you looked at me
you looked at my soul,
not my face,
not my body,
not my beauty.
you looked at me
& who I am
deep inside.
you understood me
from the minute our eyes
my presence was all you wanted
you ached for me
i set my heart on you
or e·o·ni·an
[ee-oh-nee-uh n]
eternal; everlasting.
Skye Jul 2018
Maybe it was the star,
That told us we were meant to be together.

Maybe it was written on the moon,
That you and I would walk the same path together.

Maybe when the planets align,
Then we would see each other.

I don't know what force, or entity, or bundle of atoms it is
That drives us towards each other-

But I do know that I'd go across the universe
Just to behold the beauty that is you.
another untitled. yehey
and at this point, i'll probably start posting here a bunch of previous poetry i've written
Monica Alvarez Jun 2018
You were once just a face
That belongs to the crowd.
No one special nor familiar
Just a body walking around.

Then one day my heart stopped
When my gaze landed on you.
And right at that very moment
I knew I fell in love with you.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018

She was the one in whom I had found love at first sight.
In wonderland I gave a primal shout
And Alice came to rock out loud.
This head-banging beauty shone so bright;
I knew I had to make her mine this night.

In search of love, the boy of her dreams,
Stood in front of her at last to be seen.
She smiled because she knew her prayers had been answered;
She danced for me and she was my exotic dancer.

We spent the night together lost in each other’s eyes,
The stars above were the colour of disco lights.
Summer was gone but the heat was still here,
In her arms I felt something move me, so I let go of my fears.

In her is saw love shining back at me,
For in her beauty I could see she could give me all that I need.
Her smile was the smile of the Mona Lisa;
Such peace to be found in her, my panacea.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
Love is a lightning bolt

This lightning bolt of love struck my heart in a flash;
Immediately I knew that you were the one.
From the first time is saw you, I would never give that image back;
There you were, hiding behind your smile, with your make up on.

I feel you every time we are apart;
I feel there is a place for you inside my heart.
I feel I have always been drifting alone in the dark;
I have loved you from the very start.

Can you feel the rain fall down all around us?
Can you hear the pain in my voice?
I am calling out for you in the thunder storms;
Come back into my arms, so I can rejoice.

Everybody needs somebody to love,
So never give up on love.
Love bursts from your heart from babe until dust;
Lay with me under linen sheets and I will be all yours.

It is always tough to be in love,
But it is always worth the fight.
The flowers at your feet could never be good enough.
They could never match your beauty or the aroma of your scent;
They could never be as beautiful as your eyes.

I think, I know, I want to lose myself with you my darling.
You swept into my heart like a knife through butter
And the shield I used to wear has now been disregarded.

Your love is sent from up above,
So I will cherish your heart like I cherish your love.
In a café in Paris we could have fallen in love,
If only we had taken our chances when we did.
We could have been in love before…
Do you remember that time in Spain?  It began all this.

I have travelled the world just out of reach of your footsteps;
You were always one step ahead.
But you are the one I will never forget;
Our love is just the morning…let this day never end.

Love is the best thing that we can do,
So I will continue to love you.
In your beautiful soul, I find myself lost for words

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Y Rada May 2018
I saw you at a wedding once
you're so handsome and slick
so cool with lumberjack looks
my heart flluttered with thrill

Y'never knew that I looked at you
from the corners of my spectacles
You are like a graceful panther
I would be willing to be a prey


I accepted my limitations though
your whole attention was on her
the bridesmaid who glittered
romance budded in the atmosphere

And I stood there to witness...
dedicated to that guy whom i saw at my cousin's wedding hahahahhahahaaaaa!!!!!
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