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Within the fog, a light flickering
And when it caught his eyes
The voices in his head ceased the bickering
Silence filled the scene
Reality stopped being obscene
He ran towards it, blind as a bat
No longer did he wallow where he sat
A light, the thrill, so bright, a chill
Brighter and brighter it got
What a beautiful shot ...
Mesmerizing and terryfing as looking down the edge of a big hill
He was helped by a long gone friend ... Will
Will to run, will to go into the unknown, will to go to the shimmer
With fantasies it would make life have no dimmer
Always bright, forever full ... Oh, how beautiful
He ran and ran and ran
And finally arrived at the lights source
That would forever change his life's course
It was a shinning nymph of the name of Passion
She greeted him in such a caring fashion
She was something so new, but already he knew
Home had been found, they'd forever be bound
Numbness was no longer his concubine
Passion will now his soul define
Delta Swingline Mar 2017
~ The Letter Writer

The following is a series of letters written for complete strangers. These letters were written, put in envelopes, and then sent off for people to find. I’m not trying to change lives, but I thought it could at least help out the people who need it most. And who am I to stop people from remembering what’s important? Whether or not they find out who I am, that’s another story...

~Letter Writer
And so it begins...
Jasmine Skye Apr 2016
How does one find
what is lost....
Without losing
What one has found...
I live so loud
That I don't speak
I can feel the words
The future seems bleak
sushma madappa Apr 2016
I often wonder if I would ever run into you.
If I do, how would it play out?
So, I imagine a scenario where Iam shopping at a supermarket,  walking down the aisle,  pushing my cart,
looking for some mundane little thing and there you will be,
next to the cereal aisle, holding your favorite brand of cereal.

What would we do?
Will one of us lean in for a hug,
smile awkwardly at each other or
behave like strangers?
Would we exchange numbers,
With a promise to catch up soon or do
the most natural thing in the world-
go to the nearest cafe or pub and
have coffee or a drink or two together.
Share our stories, wish each other well and part as friends.
I hope that's what we'd do.

I would love to walk down that aisle with you.
I look for you in every supermarket in the world, I step into.
Rexhep Morina Jan 2015
While trying to find my self,
I have lost my self,
In depths unreachable,
In darkness invisible.

Breaking the social constructs that I am built in,
A war cry echoed through time and space,
Infinite possibilities unfold in front of my destiny,
A destiny worth a thousand peoms.

Still searching,
Still seeking,
Still looking for that which is me,
A soul confined in a human shell.

Eager to see that which is not visible,
to feel that which is unspeakable,
A sudden awe surrounds my mortal form,
Liberation, freedom.

A unique feel of bliss,
the hand of god has reached for that which is within me,
Awakened I am to the purest form that I be.

Pain, guilt, sorrow and fear,
are vanquished in the blink of an eye,
The heavens await me, as I sail through the vast oceans of infinity.
In order for one self to truly find it self, one must first lose it self.
RazanSidErani Dec 2014
Look out the window.
Through the thick black glass,
I hope you look out properly.

Almost sincerely?

Turn away from the mirror and look out the window.

Listen to that noise ?

It's your conscious knocking.
The glass never breaks though,
You've ignored it for so long.
It fed off your insolence,
It ceased to be beaten down with love and humility,
And It ceased to be weak to them.

It fumed up sooty smoke,
like your temper and ignorance,
Clogging your view to reality.
It turned hiked just like your ego hype.
It made you blind and self centered,

Everything you promised you'd never be.

Only you could get rid of it.

Honestly, almost sincerely, will you?

Will you break it down and listen to the universe screaming.

Redemption, compassion, love and hope?
Forgiveness, repentance, patience and faith?

It'll scream you awake!
Strike you down from all your glory.
For everyone to see.
On your knees it'll make you repent.
It'll make you swallow your pride
and make you plow your heart out.
It'll pound on you till all that's left
On the ground is blood and ****** bones.
But in the end it'll make you whole again.
it'll purge you from explicits.
At the end, The Reckoning comes for all.
© RazanRinaldi
Eefs Jungmann Oct 2014
X marks the spot but still I am lost,
                Stuck on the spot but feeling drawn to you.
       My lips go dry, yearning after your gentle touch.
Seeing you there shivering on the curb                                 brings tears to my eyes.
      You hold out your hand,
                  I am found.
Hope you enjoy and any thoughts/feedback appreciated!
Urmila Aug 2014
We were lost, but it was a good time
Only because we were lost, did we each other find

Kids thrown into the big world, a whole new one for you,
We were looking for a foothold of sanity
And bumped into a common ground of promises new

We held hands in theory,
2 blind people helping each other through,
But we thought the world was blind,
And sight was just for me and you
An unknown minute apart,
Would turn our lives upside down
We were tourists finding our way,
In a strange strange town

Our dreams seemed to shatter before our eyes,
But we gave ourselves hope
We took solace in the fact,
That 'least we were at the same end of the rope

We prayed, that the light at the tunnel may appear
We insisted we're brave, even when we were crippled with fear
Those fits of laughter that we shared,
Seemed like oxygen on a mountaintop
We were warmth,
When below freeze point the temperature dropped

So you see,
We were lost, but it was a good time
Now we're lost again,
And I just want that old time
When 2 people are lost, but just one finds their way...
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