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Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
‪She danced on graves‬
‪In dark reverence‬
‪Throwing a party for the dead‬.
Reveling in the beauty,
Of each delicate sculpture,
‪Her fingers traced the edges...‬
‪Memories long gone,‬
‪but in the souls
Of those who loved them.‬
‪Twisted smile‬,
‪Longing for the day‬,
‪When she too‬,
‪Rests eternally‬.
Simone Feb 2018
The dangerously glamorous life of Chateau Marmont, where everybody is racing at an incredible speed. Velvet nights fraught with promise and mystery under large canyon moons. Skinny dipping in the heated saltwater pool, bodies dripping wet, in the privacy of palm trees, old Hollywood charm in swaying leaves fanned across the indigo sky, as we dangled over the city. Parties in the hidden bungalows, punctuated by pinot grigio and mescal mules, in and out of bedrooms and beds and clothes. ******* on hands, car keys forgotten, I tore your silk shirt as you threw it off the bed.
Diana Garcia Jun 2018
You in the mirror stand up straight
Stand tall, don’t ******* cower
You have the ability to devour
Turn that rage that’s kept you in a cage into drive, there’s more to life than having to survive.
There’s that awkward moment between birth and death..
You can be a mess
You can the best
What matters is that you breathe
Till that last breath
Remember to sing when that light above starts gleaming
Remember to embrace love when it feels like you’re dreaming
Remember each bygone sings a different song
It’s not about who has what, the bad or the wrongs..
You can rub the Buddha’s belly and wish for good fortune
Or get all mad and jelly cause you didn’t get the same portion.
You can **** god and pull on the breaks
Or you can shut the **** up and join the ranks
Hear no, say no, see no, be no ******* evil
Build up and grow, best of luck
Pain and suffering, let it all go..
The more you feed the ******* that makes you bleed..
the less likely you’ll be freed
Come by and sit with me
Bring a friend or two or three
see the change you want to be
Let’s eat some ******* cheese
**** together im harmony
Eh May 2018
My days as a newspaper boy
in Los Angeles County
With an unkempt beard
and long hair,
Lasted about as long as I expected

I looked awfully sketchy at 3 am roaming the streets of Norwalk and Downey,
or maybe,
I fit in well with the late night diner crowd of the area.
There wasn’t much money left to be made, mostly immigrants and parents needing a third job to pay the rising area rent are here.
The only ones left to throw papers to are aging Asian parents who live vicariously through their children.
And they’re dying off fast.

Getting back at 5 am
and waking the house,
back up at nine to take you to work.
Up the 105
to the 605
We pass through Bellflower
and coast to your theater in Cerritos.
No coffee
Waits on the stereo
The windows are down
no AC
Your feet are on the dash
You’re nursing a Gatorade
to cure this morning’s hangover.
I am at ease.

You don’t remember moments like these until there’s two hours left in your shift and your boss reminds you he needs those reports.
With a clean shaven face and short hair.
This has lasted longer than I expected.
they would
poach breakfast
so sound
in their
living room
that had
eaten this
croissant with
an ear
in place
till this
rap was
down then
after their
own plates
with this
illustrious swag
breakfast for champions
EK Mar 2018
LA is grey.
All asphalt and concrete
High rises
Dirt-tinted buses
The colors are too bright, in an unnatural way.
Smiles are fake and the thrum of life is auto-tuned
“Natural” is skimmed and trimmed and clipped
“Healthy” is shiny with oil  and goo
“Pretty” is doing what you’re not supposed to
They’re different because they all are - and thus surprisingly the same.
Empty, searching, tired of life’s game.
a rootin'
rowdy eye
Indian toeing
sundance in
democratic blue
muslin fires
them but
villagers nigh
Tolstoy that
defy their
chief epically
in those
Woodlands with
southerlies that
only sway
their embassy
with ambrosia
a girl with sway in Los Angeles
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