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Jay Jun 2021
Sometimes the bate wins,
Many times, the fishers do.
Mostly though, the fish will too.
Jay Jun 2021
Nature usually has properties
Purely on its own
Undisturbed by man.
I feel the weight and shatter,
Born again.
I'm bad at my job, bad with the fam, a terrible friend.
I just wish I would shatter,
Be born again.
I didn't ask for a name,
Not human grace.
I hate repetition.
Guess, '**** me', again, I hate this place.
I didn't ask to be here, so here's the slightest A-B.
**** all your standards of poetry.
Beauty can die and so can you,
It's not about that.
Who will remember you?
Jay Jun 2021
Literally, please- ****** me.
Jay Nov 2020
Is anyone unlike vines
Jay Sep 2020
I touch concrete on my knees-
Wounds, hot flesh, a familiar sting.

I bleed to scab,
Pick and itch more.

"All is fair in love and war."
Jay Sep 2020
Girlfriend left, again.
Car broke down.
Went outside,
Watched a cricket die.
Based on a true story
Jay May 2020
Minutes without you take forever anymore

A cigarette feels like eternity
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