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Renée C Aug 2023
that I will take home with me:

park benches in the sun

your hand in my hair

the care with which you cook

wordless touches in the morning to say we're awake

my fingers on your neck

forehead kisses

smile lines


windswept hair


blister bandages

morning stubble

sunscreen stains

your mother's cooking

dog fur

sleep-rasped voices


train selfies

reaching for your hand

a neon dancing fish

your grandmother's coffee

your lip ring against my mouth

five thousand three hundred twenty-seven miles

one date seed
Reflections now that I'm home
Renée C Aug 2023
there is an ache in my chest
the size of my current happiness
the shape of your touch
that will crack my heart open when I leave here

I am altered
changed by the reality of you
I don't know how to go back
to the smallness of only seeing you
through a screen
every dimension of you
into my pocket
Renée C Jun 2023
in a few weeks
this ticket will
stretch its wings
in a roar of fuel and fire
quickly, but
never quick enough
carry me to
a strange new world
and finally
to you
Long distances are hard. You make it worth it
Renée C Feb 2023
loving you feels

it's not a headlong rush
not a quick descent to a hard landing
not scary
or fickle

it feels

I have grown into it
learned to love myself
and in so doing
over time
that you were there
loving me
just the same
as you always have
Renée C Sep 2022
There lives this one guy in Kuopio
who is just a little bit dope, yo
his jokes are appalling
and yet he's enthralling
he's goofy, yet somehow I cope, though <3
This poem is also appalling. There's a reason my poetry doesn't rhyme. :P
Renée C Sep 2022
in my dreams
this **** screen
grows large
becomes a portal
and with joy
I step across
into your arms
easy as that

I guess I'm a little impatient.
Renée C Sep 2022
I know how to say 'hello'
I can name colors
I can call you a wizard
sinä olet velho!

but in no language
do I yet have the words
for how you make me feel
Happy Birthday <3
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