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Poetic T Apr 2018
The sun still burns through clouded renditions,
                      eyes black with the tainted sorrows
                                                   of a darkened days.

Still burned beyond the visual acuity
       of subconscious glaring. But we still collect pictures
       in the ashes of  clouds. Tombs of  imaginations folly.
Diary of Jane Oct 2017
This too shall pass
You have just got to hang on
and get through this.
No matter how hard it rains today
The years of sun will come again.
Even if it feels like it won't stop,
That the rain will drown the whole world
The sun will come out
And you will be fine
You will be okay
Even if you cannot imagine that right now
Because of all the dark spells in your life,
Just believe that, okay?
Sanjana Raju Sep 2017
Engulfing sorrow
Agonizing heart
Set under a heavy stone
and above the bed of thorns

A healer called time
The healer of wounds
Can it make the tears stop
Can it end the pain

I wait for a silver lining
A ray of light
To save me from wretched blues
For all I see is a dark night
Valerie K Boggs Jun 2017
“Do you like it like this? Do you like it like that?
Just tell me which way you like it”
Thank you, J.T.

Jim Croce sang it, too.
“No, it doesn't have to be that way.”

Remember the Blow Monkeys?

Jackson Browne
Quoted, saying, “You have to take the trouble,
To try not to be misunderstood.”

Words spoken in the thick
Not ever remembered prior to.

Neurons wired to align to emotion
With the perfect elixir of chemical responses
Lining up

Wake up to choosing sensibly
Utilize hidden wisdom
As preventative care leaps to the front of the line.
Jami Samson Jul 2013
Unlike constellations,
There are no dots for me to connect
This figure that I trace
To make a silver lining out of you.
#31, July.21.13
Frank DeRose Jun 2016
I see the clouds,
silhouetted by the sun.

I'm told always to look for the silver lining.

It looks more gold to me.

The sun shines brilliantly behind it,
Illuminating the clouds' angelic edges.

Like some kind of optical illusion,
I search the edges.
Old hag, or young woman?
It depends on how one looks at it.

Beauty is in the edges, I think.
The rough,
not-quite-refined aspects of our humanity.

They've yet to be tainted by societal demands.

Humanity is a beautiful thing.

Its rawness is its most inspirational aspect, though.
We love rawness.
Polished is dull.
If we know one thing,
It is that no human is ever completely polished.

We all have our blemishes,
Our idiosyncrasies, (as Robin Williams might say in some movie,)
Those are what make us so beautiful,
So lovable.

Our edges,
Illuminated by the undying flame of humanity,
Not in silver,
But in gold.
Michael DeVoe Aug 2009
It's like a blind man leading a poor man
He sees the cliff coming but he doesn't mind
Grateful to have company on the way down
Thinks the cloud they'll fall through will be silver lined

It's like the teenager who just gave birth to a still born accident
It hurts real bad inside
But she's grateful that if she returns all the diapers everybody bought her
She might have enough money to buy a prom dress
Thinks the pain she feels will be silver lined

It's like the boyfriend of the young girl who just gave birth to the still born child
Grabs his cleats out the closet
Grateful he still has time to get a college scholarship
Dumped her over the phone
Said he didn't like the way her ***** *** whined
Thinks adding another drop to the bucket of pain he will never feel is silver lined

It's like a young man who works at a gas station
With dreams so big he'd have to run the world to accomplish them
Grows up, gets marrieds, gets settled, and settles
Knows the only way he'll make the TV is by beating his wife
Grateful that strangers know who he is
Thinks the jail time he's serving is silver lined

It's like the grown man who has everything the boy at the gas station ever wanted
Doesn't want it, wishes he could give it back, but can't
So he buys houses, clothes, and Cadillacs
Grateful to have enough
Thinks the silver lining on his silver Cadi is silver lined

It's like the overwhelmed twenty something year old who puts a lock on her own knife drawer
Too proud to get help
Grateful that she has a boyfriend willing to take the brunt
Of all the problems she can't see past
Thinks the inconvenience of the knife drawer is silver lined

It's like the boyfriend of the overwhelmed twenty something year old
Who takes the brunt of all the problems she can't see past
Grateful he has a key to the knife drawer
Thinks the blood on the floor will be enough
To show her there's more to the world than the problems she can't see past
Thinks his mama's heartache will be silver lined

It's like the staunch republican who got laid off last year
Now he's so broke he's on unemployment, food stamps, and TANF
Grateful the democrats were in control during the great depression
Still voted for John McCain
Thinks the bumper sticker on the back of his car is silver lined

It's like the young family started by a couple kids
Who insisted on having a couple of their own
Now they're too poor to afford but too rich for assistance
Begging their government to bail them out of something that nursery rhymes got them into
Grateful their truck didn't break down again this month
Thinking raising hungry babies is silver lined

It's like a poor man leading a blind man
Who knows the cliff is coming
Knows they're going over and doesn't really mind
Grateful to finally be in the company of someone just as blind as he is
Thinking the cloud they'll fall through is silver lined.
A collection of poems by me is available on Amazon
Where She Left Me - Michael DeVoe
lX0st Jun 2015
Some days,
The clouds will refuse to part
But you mustn't forget
That the sun is behind them.
Leigh Mar 2015
Endless steps to shifting rhythms in a haze of noise and palpable judgement.
Apologies tend not to resonate when the damage is done and the horse gets Higher, stomping to the beat of a privileged heart.
You learn quickly, and with a heavy sense of defeat, that you can never do Enough.
Expectations climb with a pace unmatched by any effort imaginable as
It's prearranged.
The waltz was always going to play out like this because you put on the grafter's Shoes; paid for with the gritty coin you caught in your teeth.

Hidden among the crowds and the polished leather, there lives another breed with A human face.
One not twisted and distorted by throwaway reproach.
It takes a surprising level of regard to pick them out as they often don the same Paint as the revilers.  
However, these are the gems that can cut through thick skin, penetrating the Mortar, to find flesh.
They pulse with you and quiet the frayed edges.
They are your rhythm and your reason for perseverance.
They see to it that your resentment doesn't have time to settle in your bones.
They are much too few and far between.

Trying to find the bright side of a bad day in retail.

Eli Seth Salazar Nov 2014
The lines in between the green are full of dirt and human feces, but I find comfort.
  Yellow, bright as the sun, but they don't blind me.
  Red, hot with anger and hate, but they don't burn me.
  Grey, fading to a dim, cold, colorless stone and yet is still my silver lining
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