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Keiri Aug 2019
Soft pillows of feathers.
Brush my face with ease.
For just a moment nothing matters.
For a minute, my worries seize.

Sheets wave like the oceans.
Cover me and cuddle me.
Such an unexpected nuance.
Just enjoy being free.

I really needed this break.
This still moment of nothingness.
But now I'm back for my own sake.
And I finally got to confess.

I notice that with being alive again.
And my body finally standing on its own.
There was a cost I payed for my zen.
Chaos emerged, while I was all alone.

Even though I didn't move for a while.
All my problems are awaiting on a pile.
Every cloud has a silver lining, but a cloud that nearly dragged you down into the depts of the deep... It's silver linings are not easily felt... If you're depressed and not capable of doing everything, but the world moves on with or without you... You feel alot of pressure after awaking your well needed rest... a pressure that might cause a burnout or a depression that'll get you in an endless circle
austin Aug 2018
Imagine if these words meant nothing.
This is a blank page.
A string of letters is not a word if it is meaningless
There's hardly reason to read on.

This road is a dead end.
There's nowhere left to go.
I don't remember what it means to feel.
Happiness doesn't exist if emotion isn't real.

A world of color hardly exists in the dark.
A stagnant river could **** you.
Love isn't real if emotion doesn't exist.
I checked my pulse and I felt nothing.
This poem is meant to describe the feeling of numbness I have felt after a period of depression. The feeling of having what seems like no feelings at all, sometimes. Almost like being a corpse still walking.
Doll Jul 2018
She died,
she was broken,
was muted,
and then lived.

Her eyes were full yet empty,
like a blank paper there was nothing written down.
Her heart, filled yet hollow,
carved out by pain, sadness and loneliness.

She died,
she was broken,
was muted,
and then lived.

Her mind never walked away,
her mind never got over it.
After years, months, weeks and days.

How did this happen?
How do you live after trauma?
How am I supposed to live?

She died,
she was broken,
was muted,
and then lived.
Quick write down. Life after being in a lot of problems

— The End —