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Angela K Jun 2
We make love
We make art
We make God
Angela K Apr 11
I resorted to writing poems
On pages that have seen all my phases
My beaten black and blue
My perfect ideas of me and you
To avoid your misunderstanding
And take away Pride's power
To choose our ending
Where I walk away
Angela K Apr 3
the stars lean in
creep through the glass ceiling
when I'm screaming
when you're heaving
in my ear
trying to hear out whispers
trying to hear our secrets
they don't know our little handshake
the one where your hand trails down my body to a place unknown
your other gripping tightly right above my collarbone  
and I tremble, i tumble, i fall
they don't know what we know
The stars lean in
and i fall
right into the depths of you
Angela K Mar 20
the first time i saw you
i took my first breath
and when you said goodbye
I took my last
and since you left
I hold it in
going blue
going numb
Angela K Mar 19
Like a sculptor
You rub your hands on my skin
Holding all the pieces of me
Moulding my soul with my sin
Seamless art you create
As if,
loving me
  Sep 2018 Angela K
Peter B
Love isn't blind,
blind are those,
who never loved.
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Angela K Jul 2018
In the arms of Morpheus I lay
down, all my worry finally at bay
Til the earth shakes and I find my self on the floor besides my bed
The world bringing me to my knees
So I have nothing else to do
But pray.
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