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Angela K Nov 2018
How do I keep myself from falling apart
when I’m a bit astounded by the beating of the broken pieces I call my heart?
Or keep a smile on my face while I’m going through this excruciating pain?
And what if I fail?
And all my dreams are shattered and my nightmares win the game
The thoughts of taking a razor blade
And cutting myself to fulfil my rage
The thoughts of taking myself to a happier place ..
I have dreams of myself holding a knife at night
And stabbing a girl till I took away her life
I would expect screams of terror and of fear but instead she was silent
There wasn’t even the slightest show of scuffle or violence
When she died I came closer to the blurred image of her face
And she whispered in my ear with no fear but grace
“Thank you for letting me out of this place of abhorrence ”
As her heart beat began to drown away
I fell to the floor and my heart started doing the same
Her face got a bit clearer but the image turned grey
And with curiosity I tried to focus my gaze
As I took my last breath I saw her

I used wake up in fear that the end is near
But this time I woke up and understood this..
The only thing that was killing me .. Was me
this is the first poem I ever wrote like 5 years ago :)
  Sep 2018 Angela K
Peter Balkus
Love isn't blind,
blind are those,
who never loved.
Angela K Jul 2018
In the arms of Morpheus I lay
down, all my worry finally at bay
Til the earth shakes and I find my self on the floor besides my bed
The world bringing me to my knees
So I have nothing else to do
But pray.
Angela K Jul 2018
If I don't make it to heaven
Will you stand by the gate
Will you call out my name
Will my sins be our burden?
Will you argue my case
Or would you try to erase,
who I am?
who we were?
Enjoy what you've been given?
You do deserve
all that is heaven
Or will you build a ladder
Come sit with me here
So we could burn together
Angela K Apr 2018
Go ahead
Look for her
Search far and wide.
Through jungles
through seas,
skies if you must...
and when you're tired and aching,
I'll kiss all your bruises,
dress all your wounds
and pat you on the back
for trying to
find even a little bit of me, in someone else
Angela K Apr 2018
If I ever said "I love you"
I'm sorry
Selfish me
Only deseperate to feel.
Angela K Apr 2018
I am God
as I am the Universe;
I am the Creator
as I am the Creation
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