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brianna of space May 2017
You are an enigma -
Kind, generous, selfless,
But still a mystery I want to solve.
I scan your penned notes in the books I borrow -
You have literally given me your thoughts in the pages.
I add my own,
As if my penciled remarks could connect me to you,
But it isn’t enough.
There is still something about you I don’t know,
Something about you I don’t know but I think I can find,
I think I can find through this, searching.
The solution to every worldly problem
Can be found in a book -
Because asking is for the weak,
Discovery, for the stubborn.
My favorite note of hers so far is "narrative as a coping mechanism in a chaotic world," which seems appropriate.
brianna of space May 2017
J’aime les filles.
Ils sont merveilleuses.
Tous les filles sont jolies,
Mais vous savez quand vous trouvez cette fille parfait,
La fille qui allume la salle avec son sourire
Et qui vous laisse à bout de souffle?
Quand vous de céder à cette lumière
C’est comme elle vous a éclairé de l'intérieur et le monde vous donne la clé du bonheur.
Alors, si c’est la première fois,
La deuxième fois,
La centième fois,
Ne verrouillez-pas vous dans l'obscurité.
Lumière-vous, jusqu'à ce que vous brillez.
Permettez-vous prélasser dans la lumière parce que,
Ma jeune fille,
Vous aimez les filles aussi.
I love girls.
They are wonderful.
All girls are pretty,
But you know when you find that perfect girl,
The girl who lights up the room with her smile and who takes your breath away?
When you give in to that light
It’s like you are lit from within and the world has given you the key to happiness.
So, if this is the first time,
The second time,
The hundredth time,
Do not lock yourself in the dark.
Light yourself, until you shine.
Allow yourself to bask in the light because,
My young girl,
You love girls too.

(Apologies if the French is incorrect, it is not my first language.)
brianna of space May 2017
Elle est une Mancha.
Comme la manche, elle a l’entraînement,
La determination.
Une grande étendue d’eau
Qui va rapidement.
Elle est très forte, mais
Elle va dans une direction,
Sans cesse,
Sans s’arrêter,
Et quand elle retrouve l’océan
Elle cesse d’exister
Dans la grande étendue d’eau
Qui est plus forte qu’elle.
She is a Mancha.
Like the Channel, she has training,
A large body of water
That moves quickly.
She is very strong, but
She goes in one direction
Without ceasing,
Without stopping,
And when she meets the ocean
She ceases to exist
In the large expanse of water
That is stronger than her.

(Apologies if the French is incorrect, it is not my first language!)

— The End —