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YoussefM Mar 4
Il était un rêve  , with too many wishes .
Was going down the road slowly until i couldnt  see it or feel it .
Ba ouais is gone now im affraid to follow it again
Seems beautiful from a distance but when i get close i dont want it anymore  . Im affraid yes that i go down the road again then i dont see it or with the expectation to feel it .
How long will take i dont know . In the moment i see no chance .
The calmness the silence i try to hookup with .
Its me back again je ne sais plus quoi faire .
Ba ouais il était un jour une fois
YoussefM Jan 2019
dont fall unto me ,
I believe you can find flowers in different colors , sound of the waterfall runing by
Because inside me only darkness everything is mute without sound
i was falling deep down until i crushed all my feelings
im just cold now in the hottest moments .
I even forgot the taste of my tears, the way i use to smile.
My soul  got blind
Dont fall unto me.
I promised my friend which maybe was my bestfriend before, to show this text to anybody who told me about their feelings.   
This is only what he wrote about me because i dont know even if i can describe anymore who iam.
Just dont fall unto me.
YoussefM Jan 2018
the house of pain
the sadness got accumulated in there where the feelings got translated To few letters awash with tear drops .

tears of wounds bleeding lava from the heart whish is bombing like
the volcano getting out the fume yelling begging  for
the freedom
its one of the most horrible feeling to ended up in prison without doing nothing
YoussefM Jan 2018
Step by step
Thoughts wiping tears
I am just a child can't handle that
Its does not make me a man , I'm still a ****** child with an abused life
I still want to be a child , I still want to get unto the house and see Nobody cry . **** ... !!
How should  I write it
Where i should post it  
Who gonna read it , who gona feel it .

                         But too late now

I am a man now
Who is getting a baby now
I hope you can feel me now
I hope i can be free from this period now
YoussefM Jan 2018
it's started with hello as it finished with goodbye
between those two words i loved you
i dreamed like a child about the easy life
everything sounds easier with you
i wished that i die not you
i couldn't see no colors anymore
summer became winter that froze my heart
all the sweet memories with you became sad memories
i don't know me anymore
i used to write hunders of lines getting satisfied with only one look at you to write pages and pages about how beautiful you are and the happiest I am
i don't know me anymore when i'm listening to our happy songs that leads me to commit suicide
i dont know me anymore
YoussefM Dec 2017
My passion to the sky tells stories narrating narratives from some moments .
Just between the day and night ,
When the destiny decided for me to go ,
Following my heart while my brain is drown ,
About my past im worry ,
Trying to open a new page,
To start an new beginning ,
Just alone .
Alone , alone in the middle of nowhere ,
I knelt sneaking looking for my life ,
Hidding from the eyes of wolfs ,
Holding the breath of my hub ,
Praying for god ,
To cover me  ,
The hunters of freedom are here .
The slaves of nationalism are here .
YoussefM Nov 2017
I just want to be a ghost from the eyes who judge .

My skin my roots my beliefs .

I just want to fly over to the sky
Riding the wind to the stars
Breaking down the border lines
Dropping  some lightning to the nation flags
Holding hands of broken hearts .

Hopefully one day
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