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  Mar 2019 Anshita Mehrotra
You broke me
beyond repair
I am not a woman
just the collection
of shattered pieces
that no longer
fit together
  Mar 2019 Anshita Mehrotra
you can not love someone into loving you
i love you but you don’t love me
Anshita Mehrotra Mar 2019
For you,

I would find a softer way to say,

I love you.
Anshita Mehrotra Feb 2019
a kiss,
just one!
like dog years,
became seven
at once!
Anshita Mehrotra Feb 2019
I am sorry
I hope you didnt misunderstand me
Did these poems give you glee?
My my, dear boy
A poet doesnt need to love to write about love,
This is how we breathe
Dont, take it personally.
Anshita Mehrotra Feb 2019
You look like the man I love,
but you taste like
guilt, regret, and sadness,
my favorite concoction of all
Anshita Mehrotra Feb 2019
You knew I was a poet, before you knew my kiss
You knew the way to become the ink in my pages, was to break my heart
You knew to become this poem, you needed a fire to start.
And so you did,
And so you did.
You pulled, the ***** trick.
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