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Noah Stowe Oct 2017
***** laced lips
Stumble over slurs.
I try not to trip over
Your tangle of lies,
Glass shattered at my feet.
The only silver lining
Is the cigarette
Smoke-filled air
And broken shards
Shining up with epicaricacy.
Masquerade behind bitter liquid lips,
Shallow promises.
Innocent heart, ragged with age.
Noah Stowe Jul 2017
cracked eggs and shattered minds
caress death and romance hell
mind numb and body dull
crack me open and make me think
Noah Stowe Jul 2017
i have learned
that love
does not come
without strings
people love for their benefit
and nothing else

i have never
been truly loved
Noah Stowe Jun 2017
broken crayons
organized by colour
and size
shape and fracture
they’re all used
all beautiful
but for some reason
everyone prefers a colour
they say they love the rainbow
but when it rains
they find the shelter
they say they love the smile
but when tears
mark enemies of good thoughts
they back away
into the depths
broken crayons
aren’t meant for being sat on
broken crayons
can still draw
images of velvet skies
and crystalline water
but you’ll always reach
for the whole
before you think
to touch the broken
Noah Stowe Jun 2017
draw me the sky
with the angels weeping
draw me the moon
with all its flaws
we all have flaws
we all die off
we won’t last forever
and that’s why
the angels weep
and demons preach
and never for the right reasons
draw me your world
in perfect perfection
and i’ll draw you mine
in exact chaos
the world wasn’t meant
to be distorted
it’s a vile creature
of native things
sin isn’t abnormal
and we don’t pray away the sin
we pray away the pain
Noah Stowe Jan 2017
Falling down into darkness,
I am awaited by an angel
More beautiful than anything.
Her light, dappling the walls
Her hair, rippling golden waves
Her eyes, holding sapphires
Her gaze, stopping time
She catches me and laughs
Her laugh, contagious and godly
Her voice, more beautiful than
The first flowers of spring.
She is my angel,
Saving me from the darkness.
Noah Stowe Jan 2017
I was a broken mess
You are the gold
Holding me together
And making me more beautiful.
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