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Matt Martin-Hall Oct 2020
Stones hinged
In jagged mystery
Behind whispered veils
And torrid grays.

A damp earth hinting
The bashful sun
bides it’s peak.

Morning is a majesty
By chaotic wakes.

The stolen kingdom!

All is Regicide;
the car
the train
the lovers quarrel

Over coffee-
A public execution.

Mysteries remain

The sun bides less
with the grays.

We’ll try again
An observational/existential reflection with a tinge of peace glorification. Maybe over-glorification? You tell me...
George Krokos Aug 2013
Worldly kingdoms emerge, rise and eventually fall
but there's one kingdom that does outlast them all.
It is eternal which means it has no beginning or end
though most people in the world don't comprehend.

It has been written and talked about in so many scriptures
yet in the external world doesn't form part of any fixtures.
No matter how grand a structure or building is erected that it may represent
or how many people daily, under its roof for worship, they devoutly frequent.

The kingdom of the everlasting Soul is to be found within us all
and doesn't really have any roof, floor, pulpit or containing wall.
Its own image and essence is all of a glorious Eternal Supreme Being
that with Its own grace, knowledge, light and love one can be seeing.

All we have to do is to acknowledge Its presence and look within,
live our daily lives in accordance with the Truth which is Its Twin
that the highest practical wisdom is based on known to mankind
and has been handed down from ages past for humanity to bind.

This doesn't mean that It belongs or is particular to just one religious belief
but encompasses them all through which people seek to find worldly relief;
because of Its glorious Eternal nature It also has unfathomable or infinite attributes
and beyond the limited mind of man to comprehend though philosophy contributes.

Even the laws of every country or state are based on the Truth;
though due to age old corruption is hardly discerned from youth.
As people have a strong tendency to seek and satisfy there own selfish interests
that go against the universal principles inherent in the wisdom the Soul bequests.

These universal principles are really the backbone of all spiritual aspiration
that have to be adhered to if there's to be any further evolution or realisation,
of mankind's true nature and individual or collective higher moral development
which is a unified and holistic existence that by the Truth of the Soul is vent.
Private collection written in 2010.
Aisha Nov 2019
What is there to voice out?
My passion isn't familiarity,
it's a sign of vulnerability.
It reminds me of
heightened tragedies,
And my pensive dilemma.

Parallel lines are definite.
Close; yet endlessly apart.
Tell me, was it a summer's dream
or autumn's death?

The dead victorian era
of fallen kingdoms
and ghostly ruins,
maybe I lost it there,
along with the
glory of falling in love.

You are in every poem.
My words are turning
into proses of guilt.
What should have been
left buried, or
in a bottomless ocean,
has now risen and
is ready  for chaos.
It's for not understanding when I should've seen it all along, it's for being wrong when I could have stopped it.
Oskar Erikson Aug 2019
while scurrying in the underground
he walked like the caves connecting
the city was his birthright
like the current in the earth grounded him
the roaring trains
his adoring subjects

what a moment
brushing past a subterranean prince
glancing at granite jaw
his knowing smile
hands that could have carved a space
out of me.

i turned away as
to see the darkness of the tunnels
peering back at you on the platform
taunting you to jump
was not a commitment i could make.
Shiv Pratap Pal Jan 2019
O’ my Dear
Do not fear
All the burden
All the sorrow
Just bear

Your tears are precious
Don’t let it waste
Save it, collect it
Wait for the time to come
Then use your anger to boil it

O’ my Dear
Let your tears to
Become steam
Such steam has power to
Burn Kings and their Kingdom

Such steam has power to
Turn the entire empire upside down
So don’t be in haste
Wait for the time to come
Transform your tears into warfare weapons

So my Dear
Don’t cry, bear the brunt
Recognize the Power of Tears
Then conquer the evil
Change the world

Create a world full of joy
No Sorrow, No Burden
Joy and Joy forever
Peace and calm everywhere
Happiness, Happiness everywhere
Do the poor peoples who are always sufferer have no  options?
I will not warrant kingdoms
My name wants no crown
My garbs need no insignia
My shield is strong -
without a crest and banner
I stand on my own two feet
but I will allow my self to
Rest upon a shoulder
and let my heart beat
entwine it with another's
I wish not for kings -
I wish not to be a king
just be a pauper with me.
apollota Jul 2017
I wonder,
how many kingdoms
have I blown to dust
to get where I am?
I haven't written in a while, however I'd like to start again. It's 2 am, this thought crossed my mind and I couldn't get it out. How much of life have I missed out on because of my anxiety and depression? I imagine the percentage is quite high. I want to start going outside more, putting my dusty camera to use. Perhaps this short poem will give me the courage to do so.
iamtheavatar Nov 2016
This world is but a graveyard
Of kings and kingdoms
Of philosophers and freemen
Of sacrilegious arrogance

For we live in a vast wasteland
Of prospectors and merchants
Only a few steps from oasis
Battling for a distant mirage

Humans are mere beasts
Like hyenas and lionesses
Fighting for supremacy
In this endless ephemerality

**iamthe_avatar ©2016
Thoughts about life.
Alex B May 2015
Waves that never break,
Are the desires of our youth,
Rolling ceaseless across a silver lake
Reminding us of a limitless childhood
That our souls will endlessly crave,
Like young lovers kept apart.
And men's thoughts become slaves
To the kingdoms of their hearts.
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