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Jeffery Massey Apr 2018
I remember a time before innocence drifted away,
Those were the days when
God Blessed Me with a pure heart not led astray,
You came into my life like
a spring breeze upon the fresh morning dew,
And then I knew that my heart and soul belonged to you; Forever my love for you became
The center of all things to me,
A heavenly gift, you were life itself; guardian angel of my heart.
But alas, I did not know
To be careful for what I wished for
Because you reap what you sow,,
I worshipped and adored you so,
Never realizing that I wasn't ready to know
All that was goodness in you needed to be,
Treasured, Nurtured and Worshipped;
Guarded jealously from the hungry world taking aim at me.
I couldn't understand how much you'd mean to me,
And I let the ways of the world cloud my path to paradise that you made for me.
I became the fool who squandered your blessings away,
Blinded to Your Love that saved me every day,
And I lost your heart and my way
Along that two-way street,
I lost my heart and my soul
As a blind man in the dark
For years the memory of losing you tore me apart,
I wandered this bitter earth,
A man without a home
Seraching desperately, like a tiger in the rain...Afraid of the thunder and lightening he can never explain;
Doomed to wander and cursed to roam,
The four corners of this world
Seeking to reclaim the one thing worth all,
A chance at redemption, forgiveness and yes, the sound of your sweet love call;
The years have come and gone
Flowing like water between my praying hands,
And my empty heart hangs heavy with a sorrow that's more than a man can stand;
I can never forget you
No matter how hard I try,
Because, time and the Lord knows the answer I seek and why;
As this road of my living comes to the end of the road,
And the sun begins to set
of one sure thing I know;
You are the Love of My Life
as God can surely tell,
And being with you, for you is where my soul will forever dwell;
A Love like ours is divine you see,
And Death Shall have No Dominion in keeping you from me because...
I Love You.....
Jeffery Massey Feb 2016
WITNESS ME by Jeffery Massey 2016

I see you when u touch me so
Like the beat of a hummingbirds wing.
I Soften as  your burning gaze sets fire to my ❤,
As my soul so lightly trembles
Awash in your flowery fragrance
Drifting lightly ever so tender your rose petal hair;
Your Truth I hear, Your Voice so near
Shimmering Wind Chimes within my secret desire
Lost so long hiding the treasure within me you seek...
I see your piercing reality throughout time's arrow...
WITNESS me as your love see me too...
4am On the drunken floor of my Wingmans apartment I place my red solo tankard down to instigate a quest.
That's what we call my wingman.
"Roadkill! Lets go on an adventure to king richards faire tomorrow!"
"Sure! When do we leave?"
"Don't worry, I'll wake you up."

See. When your best friend says they need you,
you don't just call them.
You drive.
on the anniversary of Roadkills worst tragedies,
we are getting drunk.
In the morning,
We're going to prove that life is worth living.

7:30am our alarms go off.
"Curse you phone."
Hands slap towards the noise,
Spilling last nights wounded soldiers.

"Roadkill your shirts inside out."
"Thanks man."
Actually, while you have it off.

Black doesn't go with brown.
Pick a whole different shirt."
"It's fine."
"*******. There's a blue shirt right here."

Belting sailor shantees
Roadkill and I adventure three hours in
My four wheeled ground Zepplin.

"A curse to you lads,
a curse on your head,
Drinking pint after pint
until I am dead
I just keep drinking
and I don't know why,
But tonight is the night
that I drink 'til I die!"

Upon arriving at the faire we spot an ocean of goregeous maidens.
The ticket booth doth not take credit cards, however.
So we needed to speak to the gatekeeper.
"Excuse me, where's the atm?" I Ask.
"it's right over there, Handsome.
I'll need your id's first, though.
Don't worry, I don't bite
... hard."

Roadkills eyes grow the size of stormwind.
"I need to bring you everywhere man.
You make everyone love us."

we return with cash in hand
The gatekeeper pulls our ID's from her corset
looks them over before handing them back.
"How are you boys younger than me?"
"It's the beard. "
I wink.
"Keep a secret?"

Swords on hips
songs in chest.
Mead was flowing
Boots were clomping

Roadkill paused to look around
Standing like a pleased statue.

I bounced excitedlly around like a child.
handsome men, too.
"Thank you"
It's like we teleported to Flurb heaven!
a garb shop!
Oh my god
A boot store!
They have a whole store
for leather larpy boots!
There is a tail shop!
I could buy and wear a fuzzy furry tail!
This is amazing!
There is a giant duck
Being pushed back and forth by two huge jacked dudes.

"I need to hug everyone!"
I am in love with everything!"
"Can i please hug you?"

"I swear to god, Nick if you touch me."

We try the knife throwing challenge.
The crossbow challenge.
The dart throwing challenge.
We **** at all of it but we have a blast.

We walk into a leather shop.
A small redheaded girl dances around us. She puts fur around our necks
Her hands trace our chests as she ties them up
You boys look like the type to rock these.
She drags us by the belts to a mirror.
Look at how handsome you both are.

"Roadkill" I whisper.
He is already lost in her eyes.
I place a hand below his chin and close his mouth.
They talk about where they're from.
Their families.
What they do for fun.
"Oh you do larp? We do dagohir it's like full contact grappley shield kicking larp"

A group of customers walk in and she leaves to tend to them.
A brunette helps take off roadkills stole.
"How much are these anyway?"
Roadkill asks the brunette.
"$600" she answers.
"I feel ashamed for even trying it on"
Says roadkill slipping off the precious treasure.
"Goodbye ladies! have fun today!"
I say, pulling roadkill by the arm.
"Oh... okay then... bye."

"They seemed sad we left.
What was that about?" Asked roadkill.
"Well do you want the blunt educated version or the ignorant positive version?"

"Ignorant of coarse."
Then they're dissapointed because they were interested in us.
"Out of curiousity, what's the blunt educated version?"
"They're upset We didn't fall for their act and buy their expensive wares."
"Whelp... there goes my self confidence. Ignorance really is bliss"
"Yes it is roadkill. Yes it is."

We Travel back home.
Again, singing sailor shantees.

"A curse to you lads,
a curse on your head,
Drinking pint after pint
until I am dead
I just keep drinking
and I don't know why,
But tonight is the night
that I drink 'til I die!"

Park the four wheeled ground zeppelin in front of the Apartment.
Clonk our boots up the stairs
Grab angry orchards out of the fridge
Slunk into the beaten brown couch
raise my bottle into the air
"To living one more day exactly the way we want too, Roadkill."
Roadkill raises his bottle.
clinks it against mine.
"To living."
"I love you, Roadkill. You're the best." -Geek
Lynne Pingoy Sep 2015
ALDUB, isang loveteam na hinahangaan ng sambayanan
Lalaki, babae, o kung anumang kasarian man yan.
Siguradong kikiligin ka sa tambalan ng banyan.
Syempre ALDUB yan, sigaw ng taongbayan.

Dalawang taong may pinag-aralan
Naging isa sa EAT BULAGA; programa ng bayan.
Walang halong kaartehan o kaplastikan ang pagtitinginan
Inyo itong makikita sa kanilang mga tinginan.

Si ALDEN na handang tumupad sa pangako,
At si MAINE na handang maghintay sa mangingibig nito.
Ang pag-iibigan nila minsan magulo,
Pero madalas nagiging wasto.

Mga mata nila'y nagtugma na,
Ngunit kamay nila'y hindi pa naging isa.
PLYWOOD, ALARM CLOCK, LONG TALBE Nidora, humarang sa kanila,
Paglalapit nila'y naging HOPIA pa.

Kailan kaya magiging isa ang mga ito?
Kung ang layo nila'y magkabilang dulo ng mundo.
Ang mga tao'y nagtatanong,
Kailan nga ba ang tamang panahon?

Ito'y huling hirit na ng mga tao.
Lola Nidora tuluyang buksan ang iyong puso.
Paglapitin landas ng dalawang ito.
Upang ang mga tao'y kiligin mula BATANES hanggang JOLO.
Martin Luther had a dream
Geronimo had visions
People use all sorts of ways
To come to their decisions

Tea leaf readers in a cup
A Psychic with some cards
Looking at a twirling disc
And dancing in the yard

Decision making's easy
If you have the correct tool
You may get the right answer
Or you may end up a fool

Shaman in a sweat lodge
Chew peyote just to see
What the others can not visualize
But what comes easy to folks like me

Some roll dice, and others bones
To get the answer that they need
Others ask the dead to help
To get their answer freed

I myself use none of these
None of these at all
I sit down with a bourbon
And my old Magic Black 8-ball

I switched the little answer ball
It has answers....only two
One is just the one word "dude"
And "what would Keith Richards do?"

"Dude" is universal
It has helped me win not lose
Because it's meaning changes
Depending on the "u"'s

Say it with one U...dude
it means don't even think it
But add eight more and make it duuuuuuuuude
And there's no question you should drink it

The other answer's simple
What would good old Keefy do?
If it didn't **** old Keefy
It won't **** me and you

So, use your magic mushrooms
Dance with spirits in the hall
But I'll make my decisions
With my plastic, black eight ball

— The End —