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  Oct 11 asia
yama verita
when was the last time you wrote out of happiness?
asia Apr 25
look into the mirror,
tell yourself
youre beautiful
asia Jan 2
id be afraid to lose you.
jus knwin the only thing, holdin me is you.
so tightly
i can see my viens rushin blue.
jus lookin at you thru my rear view
so beautifully.
so real so true

i love. you.
asia Oct 2019
lately ive been feelin down
not myself.
my brain
starts to swell...
that i continued to drown,
drown myself.
asia Sep 2019
i ddnt know you could fall in love at first sight.
..but how she grabbed my attention.
the combination of her characteristics.
she was gifted...
asia Jun 2019
i fell in love w her presence
it was never her body.
but her personality.
in her eyes
i saw how gorgeous she was.
on the outside, but mainly
i seen beauty on the inside.
there was once
i seen how she hid her flaws..
through filters & effects,
calling herself f...
i treated her more
thn wht she thought
was facts.
she was queen, through anythin
i dont think it was me..
it was her insecurities tht
outweighed the love for me.
asia Apr 2019
i wanted you
to feel my love
rushin through my tight hugs.
i wanted you to see
i wasnt givin up
on you
mainly us
i wanted you
even if you fussed
i stayed when it was rough
i wanted you to say
things you were
scared to say
show me
tell me
its a must
i juss wanted you
to know i cared,
i loved you w everythin
showed you all my trust.
even after everythin..
tht happened.
i want you.
i want an us.
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