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asia Mar 1
i know i dont say how i feel
but i want you to feel these words
whenever the sun doesnt shine on cloudy days
as the rain pours so loud
while lightning strikes
as the thunder fights
you give off the light the sun doesnt make.
you give ever dark corner a bright light
you give the air a fresh smell
walking thru my trail
my flowers began to bloom
the butterflies starts fly
as we continued that trail-
i look up and see you shine
so bright
as you smile
so hard
and all i could say
is i love you
that i am in love w you
you are my sunshine
asia Jan 26
this girl.
came into my life
i couldnt ignore it
she defined the definition of love
its like she refurbished my heart
lived into my brain unfurnished
asia Mar 2022
even at your worst times
even at your best
ill never leave yo side
i promise to stay
nothin in this life is ever consistent
but for you ill be there
asia Apr 2020
look into the mirror,
tell yourself
youre beautiful
asia Jan 2020
id be afraid to lose you.
jus knwin the only thing, holdin me is you.
so tightly
i can see my viens rushin blue.
jus lookin at you thru my rear view
so beautifully.
so real so true

i love. you.
asia Oct 2019
lately ive been feelin down
not myself.
my brain
starts to swell...
that i continued to drown,
drown myself.
asia Sep 2019
i ddnt know you could fall in love at first sight.
..but how she grabbed my attention.
the combination of her characteristics.
she was gifted...
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