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lovelywildflower Sep 2018
I've been trying to avoid you
to avoid getting hurt
but I can't stay away
even if I'm in pain
helena alexis Oct 2017
how can i avoid you
when you’re in my thoughts

how can i avoid you
when i see you everywhere
i look

how can i avoid you
when i’m in love with
Pineapple Isle Jul 2017
I have been seeking comfort for so long
I don't want to deal with the hard things
The unpleasant or mundane
In some ways, I was never taught how

But I can't shake this feeling that I need more
Seeking comfort brings on stress, anxiety, pain
I can't handle all of it

I've been struggling to change for a long time
What will it take?
I want to be ready
I decide to do things
But following through is easier said than done

How much more will I allow to fall before it's enough?
I say it's enough.
nang Nov 2016
I want you to stay.
But why are you running away?
Hannah Sep 2016
I can feel the chemicals ***** under my skin,
I can feel the sunshine pouring in.
Another day another dollar,
another distraction to silence the callers;
All those people who want to know where I've been, or all those who genuinely ask how I've been.
I've avoided these truths at all cost,
If I never look back I'll never have to face what I lost.
kneedleknees Sep 2016
when he says he wants to put you
in a poem, don't believe he'll
put your petals to his nose, inhale gently,
and enumerate the tickling scents
waltzing in his nostrils.
believe he'll put your stem to his tongue
lick the thorns slowly
to open his masochistic
metallic blood.
believe that he'll spit
that blood on the floor
or in a teacup to
sit out for hummingbirds.
believe he'll paint you
naked in verse
clothe you in meter
and strip you once more.
believe that no poem
is refuge
and that your ugliness
and his ugliness
will not make a poem
Maria Imran Mar 2016
you need time, time, time; you are under stress.
there are assignments to make, but it's still not their last date.
you know it's hard to face the world, nothing's changing much your fate
all these bags under your eyes, the hole that just doesn't fill says:
Ashley Somebody Dec 2015
He's always with my friends,
And I'm always with them,
And I kind of see him every single day.
The funny thing is this,
That I have a secret wish
To see how long—if—he can stay away.

One Sunday he slept late
And boy, I felt great
Knowing he'd miss church with us together
But smiling with chagrin
I saw him back again
When everyone meet up to eat our dinner.

I mentioned it that night
Before he I left his sight,
And he suggested—with us laughing together—
That someday, both of us
Should, without a fuss,
For fun, passively avoid each other.

Today has not been long
But so far I've been strong
And haven't sought him out, or told him so
But I know that tonight
We'll meet again, alright
And once again the count shall be zero.
Lol this guy. He gets on my nerves but he's too fun to hate.
Edit: April 19, 2016 - I didn't see him all day long.
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