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Insurance companies
Are legalized buissnesses off of your discrepancies
Disguised as normal drivers themselves
Julie Grenness Jul 2015
Car insurance policies,
Snafu in technology,
Male methodology,
Some men are kind and comical,
Some are not so logical,
So-called men and their vehicles,
If they've got tyres and testicles!!!!!
Tribute to men and their wheels.
Grizzo Mar 2015
It's hard to say,
You can't really tell.
I hope you have insurance
I wish you well.

When you get this note,
know that I'm an honest guy,
just send me a text
and I'm sure
my insurance will
set you up right.
NothingInMotion Mar 2015
Unforgettable, that's what you are,
Unforgettable, do you want to hire a car..
That's why darling, you need a Audi,
Keep it simple and say it proudly...

**Are you paying too much, for your car insurance?
Raj Arumugam Apr 2014
so we are at the operating table
and we work slowly and deliberately
with the patient between us
and I say to you:
I'm a little nervous
And you say to me:
You? But you've got so much experience

And I say to you:
Yeah, but if i ***** up this one,
my insurance company has advised,
I'll be at the end of my quota of cases
for my malpractice insurance

And you don't say anything
just that, behind that mask,
you've got your mouth agape
poem based on an existing joke online

— The End —