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I follow your dark cloud
Never bringing an umbrella
Saturated in all of your sadness
Shaken by your thunder bursts
Shocked when you get electric
And pushed aside in your gusts
I'm sure to most it may seem odd
Just extremely harsh and exhausting
But to all those who find me mad
You've never seen his light shine
Gently spread over a meadow
Or heard his booming laughter
Or basked in the warmth of his smile
Or have had his fingers in your hair
So I follow his dark cloud
And walk through all his storms
So that I may lie down in the grass
And drink in all of his warmth
Prophecies in the scrying mirror
Something had gone totally awry
I'd taken the wrong prong in the fork
And have been obsessively wondering why
My dreams and intentions were simple
Build a galaxy and life with my love
But he was just a crow painted white
The peaceful milky shade of a dove
This dream must come to a flat line
A ****** from within must ensue
This secret depressions gone on too long
A rewiring and new outlook is due
I wish I were your lip balm
To glide across those dusty rose
Pillows resting on your face
Pursed and speaking gently
Of something I have no clue
Because my eyes are glued
On the twists and curves
Syllables and alliteration
Feeling the passionate punctuation
And then you smile and I wish
That your teeth were crooked
So I could be your braces
And then I wish that you were naked
So I could be your clothes
And then I wish the Earth was destroyed
So that I could be your home
Vivacious splashes of blue red
Tossed over the two dimensional
Glossy finish with words encircled
Knives slashing and guns ablaze
Hair haphazardly in her face
Kiss of death somehow escaped
With cries exiting like winter lace

My pen creates worlds described
Turns the ugly truth into a blushing bride
Combines my self hatred with my pride
Where my serotonin ignites and dies

Strokes to enhance realistic emotion
Highlights and deep heavy shading
Precision in twisting finger tips
Somehow creating the wet on lips
Directing the flow of movement
Birthing entire scapes from lines
Poetry in the flexing wrist
Sprawled out in my skin
Hair cascading softly
Over black silk pillows
Gazing off into and through
The ceiling flickering from
The candles waltzing
To Chet Baker singing

Fantasies compiling
Eyes slowly closing
To reopen transported
Champagne and petals
Vintage leather jackets
And black boxer briefs
With air dark and sweet

Fingers caressing
Lips tasting and exploring
Bliss in a California king
A variety of beautiful men
Adoring and pleasuring
Lounging in a sea of lust
Forever playing make believe
Johnnyqu33r Jul 25
To have it all and
Pretend to be content
Behind walls
Self constructed

Sincerest smile
Removed and reused
Constantly recycled
Carefully Rehearsed

Chemical imbalance
Shadows shifting
Internal conflict
Collecting control
Repeat upon waking
Johnnyqu33r Jul 23
To drift
Be taken far out
Brought further into
Slew of symbols
Color coded
Neurons colliding

To untether
Physical form
From spiritual
Deep inhales
Counting down

I'll see you
Out there
In shadows and
Swirling cosmos
With three eyes
And bright aura
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