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What if I wasn't longing alone
And you too felt something for me
It's the oldest story in my book
Boy falls for boy who falls for girls
But maybe this one will be different
A sun that doesn't destroy my wings
Catching my gaze and returning one
Softly inviting me to pursue
To climb into your cherry eyes
And peruse your thoughts collecting
A deep nervousness like mine
I'll move slow and walk the line
But only if I'm not longing alone
No stars to guide me here
In this consecrated space
Where God watches me explore
And once I've finished
He immediately expects more
And who am I to say no
The shadows give me neck kisses
While whispering their obscenities
Teeth press down on tongue
I see you but my eyes are closed
I feel you but I'm totally alone
Other than his divinity meandering
I know what is thicker than both
The blood and the wombs water
Salivate at the thought of you
Pressed into the darkness with me
Amongst his omnipresent eyes
Also wishing you were here with me
How deep now has the venom gone
Who's veins have become blue black
Whispering lips and hollow fangs
Will anyone notice when they're bitten
I remember when I myself was venomous
Sure the potential still sits dormant
Watching the sunsets pass in grayscale  
I'm sure you'll always be a victim
Damsel causing their own distress
Concealing where the medicine goes
Stammering as the lights flicker
Entomb yourself in crystal elixirs
Like a ship built inside of a bottle
How deep now has the venom gone
Who will be the one to save you
From the waters you drown yourself in
Fall into my grasp
Lie avec moi on the sweet grass
Drink the August haze with me
Condensation slipping
Moisture trailing downward
How many stars are above
Could you find love in me
Could you fall endlessly
Mutually orbiting one another
Show me your sherbet sunrise
Wrap me in your vengeful tides
Lie avec moi on the sun sand
Nothing to give
Nothing to take
Mutually orbiting
Johnnyqu33r Jul 30
You're out there
Healing as I am
In preparation to
Find your forever
Butterfly fields
Pastel sunset
A deep longing
To belong
In tender arms
That wrap
And release
And repeat
You're out there
Having conversations
With the same stars
I'm writing letters to
Let's just let love in
Open your window
Let me come in
Johnnyqu33r Jul 26
I don't ever assess
The damage dragging
Sparks behind me
I know if I stop
I might make a flood

It leaks just a little
The small puncture
In my heart chakra
Oozing out as tears
From very dry eyes

I can process all of this
By early next year
And I'll get myself together
Dressed for the weather
And your eyes
Johnnyqu33r Jul 22
Oh, come gentle breeze
Lie upon us two lounging
On tall grass far away
With our hands touching
As we laugh over nothing
Exhaling plumes of fragrant
Grass to guide us inside
To our deepest minds
Your eyes on my eyes
My eyes on your eyes
Oh, come gentle breeze
Rustle the weeds and leaves
Lift a tuft of his wild hair
Exhale deep and keep it there
Keep us here in this field
A scene my mind created
With a man I don't know yet
But I know he is out there
I feel it deeply in my bones
I know he will be my home
Oh, come gentle breeze
Guide his sail to my sea
In that field I will be
Sending smoke signals
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