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Johnnyqu33r Dec 2022
She said
"I have waited
Lifetimes to find you"
This is one of those
I'll remain waiting
Until my skin
Is wrinkled
All the way to bone
With Casper hair
Teased by breezes
I hoped could be
Your breath
Upon me
I'll have loved you
Only in dreams
Only on the inside
Only on the other side
Johnnyqu33r Dec 2022
I see your earth tones
I quake
Rich in many ways
Could my glaciers
Drip upon your face
Coating your lashes
In warm winter
With your tongue
Exposed to taste
Cascading flakes
Falling delicately
Upon a breathing
Upon a pleading
Upon an angelic
Johnnyqu33r Oct 2022
Passing headlights on the thruway
Speeding and drifting far beyond me
While I chirped with a close friend
About my fear of confrontation and
My fear of being left so lonesome
Despite sweet promises with pinkies
That my comfort wouldn't escape
In the night like a fat raccoon
Fully satisfied from
Feasting on my trash
My emotions are so severe
Unless you know me you don't know
Even if you know me you don't know
Sometimes I don't even know
But I'm processing my losses
I'm letting all the ghosts go
To haunt another home
So that I may roam my own
To scream and wail
To punch the walls
To sleep for weeks
To rise much later
Comfortable alone
Johnnyqu33r Oct 2022
It's not my job to worry
It's my job to experience
To feel what I feel
To then release what I feel
Like a breath of smoke
Like a conscious exhale
To be downloaded
Added to the collection
To later be reviewed
Prior to being released
Back down with the sheep
Johnnyqu33r Oct 2022
I'll always be outside
Lightly tapping at the glass
Etching my requests
To be where I gawk
In the soft warm glow
Of a comfortable home
I'll get there in my sleep
Vanilla cotton candy clouds
Swirl up into the sky
At the same moment I dive
Plunging into the ice water
Submerged in my cool core
Where I'm still outside
Lightly tapping at the glass
Looking into my living room
I don't know where I belong
Johnnyqu33r Sep 2022
Where do I go from here
The slate is clean
I've depleted myself
I'd like to move on now
Fixate on other desires
That need not involve
People other than myself
If it's not for me
I'll completely understand
But I saw a flicker of red
In eyes cast directly at me today
And I wondered if he wanted me
Am I something someone wants
Is there more beneath the bottom
How do I process these needs
How do I discard the rest of the hurt
Lingering like cologne on a throw pillow
I just down know
Whether I want to hold or burn it
Johnnyqu33r Sep 2022
I come from a cracked porcelain doll
And her spouse was very damaged too
My creator painted on my bruises to
Signify a strong familiar resemblance
We all have murky blue ocean eyes
That sometimes look like a swamp
Like a snake curled in the grass
Protecting a single drop of dew
Like a dragon without any legs
Ferocious only vocally really
But on a few occasions I was bit
Sometimes I was completely overlooked
To sit and stew in my anguish for hours
But I can't really talk about that
Because I'm unable to remember it
But I come from a cracked porcelain doll
And her spouse was very damaged too
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