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Amarie Jun 2019
What do you think of my hair? Be honest, but not too honest; I need to know if I should braid it, not if I should chop it all off.
Nonsense May 2019
Alright, perhaps I'm listless

Drained, by my past now gone

So, please don't get ahead of yourself  

You won't find what you're hoping for

But I do hope you're not disappointed

I can only be who I am, to who I try to be

But if you so choose to go on with me

I hope you remember what was said from the beginning

Don't tell me that you love me
Because I won't love back
Don't tell me that you need me
Because I don't need that
Don't tell me that you want me
Because I'm on my own


When it all start to whittle

Remember every bit of what was said, every bit of it  

Yes, maybe I want to be by myself

Not wanting anyone else

But I'm not

For I truly hope you're not disappointed

I could only be who I am, to who I try to be

But if you so dare, to go on

Don't you use those words, those gestures,  

Or even make promises that hold no meaning to you

Because to me they will and once they do I hold on to them

While I'm easily crippled, to be repaired with side effects.

If I was to be honest I don't know either.
Based of lyrics Alone by Bazzi
Luna Wrenn Apr 2019
i wasn't aware of the pain you felt.
but if i could have taken it from you,
i'd let it skin me alive.
Luna Wrenn Apr 2019
my body went into shock
it was like watching a terrible
accident happen right before my eyes
my adrenaline is pumping
my heart is racing
i feel like i've lost all control
sick to my stomach
something i can't quite comprehend
or make sense of

-watching you love someone else
FrikinTrash Mar 2019
You say that comparing you
To the stars would be an insult.
To them.

Frankly, I don’t care for their:

You are my light, that comforts
Me in the darkness.
Your arms are a:
Home, for my heart.

Calming the tempest in my mind.
Written 11/03/19, for them
Luna Wrenn Mar 2019
was i turning into something that you hate?
did my face, or name not feel the same?
kat victoria Mar 2019
my sister wrote a poem about destruction.
she said she never drank alcohol or took pills to get over the loss.
but i did.
i washed down a bottle that rattles with a bottle of *****.
sometimes i added a sleep aid.
there were a few mornings when i thought i woke up in hell.
i did.
but i wasn’t dead.
the world didn’t allow that. it knew i had to stick around, had too much to do.
that didn’t stop the hospitalization.
didn’t stop my family from taking the locks off my doors.
that’s how i know we were different.
i had a love i would’ve died for.

but i don’t want to die anymore.
Sarah Feb 2019
Shrink me
Cut me into bite sized pieces
Anything to make me palatable
Make me who I am not
And then we can both move on
Toni Feb 2019
If you dwell
On the things you
You were doing

The things you
Will never be
It’s time to romanticize your own life. Everything you do, from your morning stretch to your brew of tea is exciting.
Robert Jan 2019
haven't seen you in years
why does my mind
keep turning to you
if I'm not even
in love anymore
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