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It's all so different now
I don't feel up for being happy
Last week seems like yesterday
And 7 years is but another life.
Gourav R Dwivedi Sep 2019
Would you like to share you
your deepest secrets
thoughts and feelings
coz I'm learning you

Is your favorite color blue?
Do you always tell the truth?
Do you believe in true love?
Now I'm learning you.

Did someone take a portion of you?
And if you don't mind
Can you tell me all your hopes
and fears and everything
That you believe in?
coz I'm learning you.

Do you like to think of good
memories and smile?
Do you love to be quiet
Only you can make me
Now I'm learning you....
Gourav R Dwivedi Jul 2019
If the Day is Sunny,
Have curd with Honey.

Try blueberry Ice cream,
with chips & triple cream.
Gourav R Dwivedi Jul 2019
The one beautiful voice,
very warming.
Makes this heart Rejoice,
every morning.
Gourav R Dwivedi Jun 2019
Just wanted a bit of lit in Life.
But universe put it on fire
Gourav R Dwivedi Jun 2019
Wo chhupkar hame dekhte hai, aur hum Nazare chura lete hai. :)
Gourav R Dwivedi Aug 2018
Everywhere all the time
I see Pictures
Flashlight and camera shine
Friends and Scriptures

Facebook and Instagram
And whatsapp
Loaded with your Diagram
And your life map

Thy self hail from 18th century
No knowledge of cuts and move
Busy writing a documentary
But want to improve
Pain of bad photographer
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