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Let it flow...
Don't force the outcome
Life is better when
It flows

Don't stop the movement
River is better when
It flows

Don't force the togetherness
Companionship is better when
It flows
We miss the celebration
Of Holi
What's your plan for Holi?

Throwing water balloons,
Water Guns and colors

Awkward silence
No more colors
Just Awkward silence
Becoming Sadist :(
You left me
When I needed you
the most...

Now complain
About what?

You left me
When I needed
a helping hand

Now accuse
About what?

You denied
me sharing my heart
To you

Now blame
About what?
Sometimes... you wonder
What if you can scape
The human chaos
The suffering.....

Sometimes... you wonder
What if you can run to live...
under the northern lights
under the nature's sight

Sometimes... you wonder
What if you can connect....
to core of yourselves
to demystify the oneself

Sometimes... you wonder
What if you can have ...
a million friends together
we can do so much altogether
Taking the walk of life

trying not to fumble

Or hit a bump

Or break on switch

Or loosen the compose

Foot to Foot

All that runs in my head.
Free verse...
Wrote back when I was in 10th class..
I wish I could recall everything but
Here are some of the pieces

A day after the full moon,
time when the flowers bloom,
A beautiful dawn,
It's Monday come on!!!

I went for a ride,
Saw a ******* road side,
Her pony tail white ribbon tide
and a smile,
Which she just can't hide.

Trying to cross the street
With black shoes on her feet
Her mustard outcoat attire,
She a ravish beauty I admire.

One hand on the pocket,
Other holding the bag..
OHH dear my heart just flew like a rocket...
Ohh God please
hold everything with a time lag.
Please don't judge the Grammer.... I was just a kid
Title "Neem Tree" is to big old neem tree where school bus used to stop.
  Jan 2020 Gourav R Dwivedi
Pat Lynett
It's all so different now
I don't feel up for being happy
Last week seems like yesterday
And 7 years is but another life.
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