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भूकम्प, झरी भन्दा आजकाल
सरकारसँग डराउनु पर्छ हामी

विषादी प्रसाद खाऊ भन्छ
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय: जो बोल्छ उही छुच्चो
Ako Jan 2018
We are a mere mortal
Two fates in a maze

Our love was hallowed by Eros
The blind, yet aimed his bow
Right through my essence
Right through your essence

Our passion was bound by Aphrodites
Two doves nesting
Two swans in Narcissus pond
Channeling the energy in our rite

Mortal forbade the sacrament
We seek to endure the fall
Becoming stars,
As we cross one another
In an boundless interrior
Of our abode.
An undying love.

— The End —